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• 8/17/2018

Suggestion About Illustrators and Designers

As an artist that often consult the wiki, esp. the magical girls section, for reference, I think it would be helpful to implement links on the designers / illustrator names in the Magical Girl Profiles that lead to a page with a list of other Magical Girl Designs / Illustration made by the same person
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• 5/16/2018

I think the wiki broke

background and header went blank
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• 2/25/2018

Madoka is different in every timeline

😂😂😂 The madoka that solves everything with her fists
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• 2/25/2018

Funny manga about magical girls

LOL the reason why Mami die so fast on every timelines
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• 8/30/2017

Editor's channel?

Hi, current editors!

I'm so happy to find this wiki, and I appreciate all your effort building it. It really prompts me to make some contribution.

I wonder if there's some discussion channel for editors. I know it's a wiki so that anyone can edit, but a discussion channel might make it easier to share the current status and priority list.

If not, what are you currently working on so that I don't conflict?

Thank you again!
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