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Enemy 7405 l.png ????? (Aohana)
Stage-Constructing Witch's Minion
Aohana (blue flower / blue nose)
Type: Familiar
Witch/Rumor ID: 7405
Drop Item: Dark Book.png Dark Book
Draft: Gekidan INU CURRY, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


These minions only assemble when mighty Walpurgisnacht rears its head. Tugging on the ropes connected to that giant Witch’s neck, these creatures appear to be preforming in some sort of twisted circus or parade. There is about them that is unknown. Unlike more dangerous monsters, these little ones only attack if their performance is disturbed. If you come across one of

Witch minions that appear alongside catastrophes brought about by the giant witch known as “Walpurgisnacht”.
They pull the ropes connected to Walpurgisnacht’s neck as she floats in the sky, forming a circus troupe and conducting a parade. All the members of the troupe are thought to be Walpurgisnacht’s minions, but many facts of the matter are still unclear. Some documents refer to the ones riding four-legged beasts as “Aohana,” and the red-and-black creatures with long ears as “Akahana”.
Unlike the aggressive, shadow-like minions that appear at the same time, these minions will not attack unless you obstruct their parade. Rather than attempting to fight them, it’d be much more advisable to flee as fast as possible.

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Apart from ??? (an equivalent to Oscar), this is the only witch's minion whose part is unlisted. Instead, Its title is followed by "アオハナ" (Aohana) which can possibly mean "blue flower" or "blue nose". Likewise, "アカハナ" (Akahana) in her description can possibly mean "red flower" or "red nose".