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Event Duration

JP (アラカルトバレンタイン2nd ~あの子がこの日の主役なら?~)

  • 4th February 2019 16:00 JST - 15th February 2019 14:59 JST

Event Guide


How to Play

Event APFortune Paper.png[JP] フォーチュンペーパー
All non-event quests drop Fortune Paper which are used instead of AP to play event quests
Event CurrencyFate Cocoa Mass.png[JP] 運命カカオマス
All event quests drop the event currency Fate Cocoa Mass.

1. In Tower Events, stories are arranged in a linear format where completing one quest unlocks the next, with difficulty increasing as players progress through the event.

2. To play event quests, players need copies of the event AP. Players can obtain these by playing any non-event quest, and can increase the amount earned by equipping event-related Memoria.

Note that quests costing less than 10 AP have a chance to drop 0 copies of the event AP. The lower the quest AP cost, the lower its drop rate will be.

3. There are 2 stage types in this event:

  • Story Quest - The main line of quests containing the story; intended to be completable by all players.
  • Challenge Quest - Higher difficulty levels with higher currency and item drop rates.

Event Memoria Guide

Memoria Bonus Effect Max Limit Break Bonus Effect
As Natural as Breathing Increase Memory Sand.png⁠ drops by 2 Increase Memory Sand.png⁠ drops by 5
Sweet Apportionment Increase Memory Sand.png⁠ drops by 3 Increase Memory Sand.png⁠ drops by 7





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