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Event Duration

  • 5th March 2021 16:00 JST - 15th March 2021 14:59 JST

1300 Day Celebration Strengthening Pack

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A special bundle will be available in the limited Paid Magia Stone Shop. Only 1 bundle is available for purchase.

Bundle Contents Cost
1300 Day Celebration Strengthening Pack 1 x Innocent Gem
1 x Over Limiter - Core
5 x Spirit Enhancement Sets
5 x Orb Sets
5 x Book Sets
20 x Daily Coins
3,000,000 CC
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Login Bonuses

All players who log in at least once during the event period will receive a 10 Gacha Ticket.

Bonus Daily Missions

During the event period, there are four additional Daily Missions:

クエストを1回クリア Clear 1 Quest
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クエストを3回クリア Clear 3 Quests Memoria Circuit - Core
ミラーズで1回バトル Battle in Mirrors 1 time
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ミラーズで3回バトル Battle in Mirrors 3 times Over Limiter

Campaign Bonuses

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  • Half AP: all quests, except the event quests in Welcome to Uwasa Aquarium ~The Memories Entrusted in the Treasure Casket~, cost half AP (rounded up).
  • Double Player EXP: During the campaign, Player EXP gain is doubled.
  • Double Support Points: SP gain from supports is doubled. This includes SP gained from using Supports, and daily SP bonuses from other players using your Supports, but excludes SP gained through Event quests.
  • Magical Girl Strengthening, great success & double success rate increased: When strengthening Magical Girls with Strengthening Gems, the chance of getting "Great Success" and "Super Success" is doubled.

QoL Update: Awakening Realm Drop Rate Changes

The following changes have been made to the Awakening & Strengthening Realm:

  • Beginner: Increased drop rates for Orbs and Books
  • Intermediate: Increasde drop rates for Orb+ and Book+
  • Advanced/Master: Increased drop rates for Orb++ and Book++

The drop rates of all other items remains unchanged.