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Event Duration:

Event duration: 21st September 2018 17:00 JST - 3rd September 2018 14:59 JST


During this period, separate from regular login bonus, when you log in you will receive the following items every day:

Magia Stone
1x Anniversary Medal 10x Magia Stone

Anniversary Medals can be spent in the event shop. If all login bonuses are collected and all quests completed, you will be able to clear the entire store.

As part of the anniversary campaign, several special events are running concurrently.
Start Dash Gacha
4★ Magical Girl of Choice Pickup Gacha
Mirror Coins 2x Campaign
Magical Reinforcement

The pickup gacha Ultimate Madoka Pickup Gacha and the event And From Here On. "The Rumor of the Rumor of the Rumor" are also being run.

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