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Event Duration

  • JP Only: 1st February 2020 00:00 JST - 14th February 2020 23:59 JST

Part 1

Available from 1st February 2020 00:00 JST

Campaign Special Missions

During the event period, there are three additional Daily Missions:

ストーリーを1回クリア Clear Story 1 time
ストーリーを3回クリア Clear Story 3 times
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ストーリーを5回クリア Clear Story 5 times
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The standard bonuses of Magical Reinforcement are applied:

Doubled Player EXP: During the campaign, Player EXP gain is doubled.

Doubled Support Points: SP gain from supports is doubled. This includes SP gained from using Supports, and daily SP bonuses from other players using your Supports, but may exclude SP gained through Event quests.

Magical Girl Strengthening, great success & double success rate increased!: When strengthening magical girls with Strengthening Gems, the chance of getting "Great Success" and "Super Success" is doubled.

Part 2

Available from 07th February 2020 17:00 JST

Campaign Login Bonus

Players who login any time between 07th February 2020 17:00 JST and 14th February 2020 23:59 JST will receive a free 10 Gacha Ticket.

Mitama's Stamp Card

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A new set of Missions has been introduced. Players who have already completed the requirements can collect the rewards immediately.