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Please note that this Wiki originally followed the game's JP server, though we are working hard on integrating NA server content.

There is a significant amount of content on JP that has not been released on NA yet, so be warned: there will be spoilers in these pages!

This wiki is a community project - if there's something you'd like to see added or changed, feel free to contribute. Alternatively, discuss it with us on the Discord.

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Magia Record Anime Coming January 2020

The Magia Record anime has been delayed until January 2020.

A number of details were revealed at Magia Day 2019, including:

  • A new character named Kuroe, voiced by Hanazawa Kana
  • A new OP by TrySail, "ごまかし", and as yet unnamed new ED by ClariS

Check out the official website (JP) for more details.

Featured Content

Magical Girls Memoria

Toki Sunao Toki Sunao
Alina Gray Alina Gray
Minami Rena Minami Rena
Togame Momoko Togame Momoko
Misono Karin Misono Karin
Awane Kokoro Awane Kokoro
Akino Kaede Akino Kaede

Memoria 1423 s Latent Strength of the Tokime
Memoria 1424 s The City Water Is Unsuitable
Memoria 1422 s Helping at the Public Hall

Mao Himika Mao Himika
Madoka-senpai Madoka-senpai

Memoria 1196 s Starlight Power!
Memoria 1195 s The Mao Family Is Lively Today As Well
Memoria 1197 s ‘Tis I, the Third Amane Sister, Tsukune


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Gamepress Wiki

Playing the NA version of Magia Record? Visit the Gamepress wiki for information aimed at NA MagiReco players.



JP Events
Story Release
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Main Story Release Arc 2 Ch. 1 Ep. 2
Available Pickup Gachas
Banner 0299 m
Spirit Enhancement Unlock Pickup Gacha
(This event will end at November 18 2019 14:59 +0900)
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Toki Sunao Pickup Gacha
(This event will end at November 18 2019 14:59 +0900)
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Mitama's Special Training - Sunao Episode
(This event will end at November 18 2019 14:59 +0900)

NA Events
Story Release
NA banner 101702 m
Main Story Release Chapter 7 Episode 3-4
Available Fate Weave
NA banner 0071 m
Himika Mao Fate Weave
(This event will end at November 12 2019 23:59 -0800)
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FM Kamihama
(This event will end at November 12 2019 23:59 -0800)

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