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For the Memoria of the same name, see A World with Just Me (Memoria)

A World with Just Me is the title of the ninth episode of the Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story anime.


  • Ai
  • Alina Gray


An Uwasa called Ai is revealed as the sender of the messages, and Iroha is requested to enter the Endless Solitude and delete her so that Sana may be freed.

A memory shows that Ai is befriended by Sana after she entered the Endless Solitude on account of not feeling she belongs in the outside world.

Iroha enters the Endless Solitude herself to rescue Sana. Alina Gray, a magical girl from the Wings of the Magius finds her before attacking with her Doppel. Ai manages to teleport Alina yet the Doppel is able to hit her.