Adjuster's Coin
Adjuster's Coin (Sunao)
Adjuster's Coin (Suzune)
Adjuster's Coin (Mikura)

This item is currently only available in the JP version.

Adjuster's Coins are a recurring limited event currency.

How to Purchase

Coins are acquired through limited Pickup Gachas. Acquiring any Magical Girl or Memoria from the pickup will also give 1 Coin.


A limited shop is available at the same time as the current Event. The shops normally contain:

  • Magical Girls
    • 1 copy of each of the Rate-up Magical Girls; the price varies by their rarity
  • Spirit Enhancement Bundles
    • 8 bundles of Spirit Enhancement materials (8x fragments, 3x fragments +, and 1x fragment ++)

Note that Adjuster's Coins do not carry over from event to event. Once an event store closes all unused Coins are lost, so it is not possible to save them up.

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