Max Stat Bonuses

HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge
4★ +5% +8% +4% +4% +8% +4%
5★ +6% +9% +5% +5% +9% +5%
SE +6% +9% +5% +9% +15% +13%

Spirit Enhancement Effects and Skill

MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP MP Boost [II] MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP [II / 20%]
MP Gain Up Morale Adept [II] MP Gain Up [II / 7.5%]
Doppel Damage Up Doppel Adept [I] Doppel Damage Up [I / 5%] & Magia Damage Up [I / 5%]
Doppel Damage Up Doppel Adept [II] Doppel Damage Up [II / 10%] & Magia Damage Up [I / 5%]
MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP MP Boost [II] MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP [II / 20%]
Evade Parry Adept [II] Chance to Evade [II / 15%]
MP Gain Up Morale Adept [II] MP Gain Up [II / 7.5%]
Blast Damage Up Blast Adept [III] Blast Damage Up [III / 20%]
Magia Damage Up Magia Adept [II] Magia Damage Up [II / 7.5%]
Skill Quicken Skill Quicken [II] Chance to Skill Quicken [II / 10%]
Critical Critical Adept [II] Chance to Critical Hit [II / 15%]
Anti-Evade Aiming Adept [III] Chance to Anti-Evade [III / 35%]
Evade Time Skip [V] Chance to Chase [30%] & Evade [100%] (Self / 1 Turn) Cooldown: 10 Turns


Attack Up [JP] あなたの獲物よ
[NA] It's Your Prey
Attack Up VII / 35%IX / 40%
Chance to Critical Hit VII / 60%IX / 70%
Chance to Stun on Attack 35%50%


Stats shown are at Magia level 1, increasing with the scaling for each Magia level gained.

Magia All [JP] ミサイルによる集中砲火
[NA] Concentrated Missile Fire
★★★★★★★★★ Scaling
Damage All Enemies V / 340%VII / 360% 10%
Chance to Stun All Enemies / 1 Turn / 47.5%All Enemies / 1 Turn / 52.5% -
Chance to Critical Hit Self / 2 Turns / 45%Self / 2 Turns / 75% -


Akemi Homura doppel Homulilly Homulilly
Doppel of Karma
Mortal World Shaped
Doppel Effects
Damage 5 Random Enemies [VIII / 401.4%] & Chance to Stun (All Enemies / 1 Turn / 55%) & Chance to Critical (Self / 2 Turns / 100%)
Draft & Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


The master of this emotion traverses many worlds in search of an exit, weaving together vast threads of fate in the process.

Almost her entire body has turned to glass, and serving behind her are 14 incomplete bodies born from her emotions. These 14 bodies eliminate obstacles in a businesslike manner to help their master achieve her goals. They diligently knit together more and more threads of fate regardless of their master’s will, and this intricately-tangled fate will likely drive their master into a labyrinth that is even more difficult to escape. These emotions do not yet have names to describe them.

The master of this emotion visits many worlds in search of an exit, spinning giant threads of fate. Fourteen incomplete bodies born from emotion trail behind the master's body, which has almost completely transformed into glass. In order to achieve their mission, these 14 bodies work methodically and tirelessly to remove obstacles. Regardless of their master's will, they weave the threads of fate, which become tangled in ever more complex patterns, driving her yet further into a maze, the exit of which can hardly be found. These bodies of emotion have no names.

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