Magical Girl

自己紹介⓵ - Self Introduction 1
[JP] 自分のことを話すトカほんとめんどくさいんですケド。っていうか美術系のマガジンをチェックすればアリナがジーニアスアーティストだってことは分かると思うワケ。だから、まずはそっちを読んでから質問してヨネ。アンダースタン?
[NA] I, Alina, must introduce myself? Irritante... Simply look in any art magazine, and you'd already know that I am an artistic genius. So, ask me questions once you've finished reading, grazie. Then I might be willing to provide some details. Do you understand?

自己紹介⓶ - Self Introduction 2
[JP] アリナ的にアナタと関わってみるのも面白いと思ったワケ。ただ、距離が近すぎるのはノーだから、そこのところはヨロシク。オーケー? [Translation]
[NA] I, Alina, have deemed you to be intriguing. However, see to it that you keep your distance, okay?

Personal Story

Story Chapter End 1
[NA] I thought my art was more brillasse than this...

Story Chapter End 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Geez, Alina is left with no choice but to make her "last artwork" now.

Story Chapter End 3
[NA] Aaah ha ha ha ha... This feels amazing!

Story Select 1
[JP] アリナは見たい、ベストアートを…! [Translation]
[NA] All I want to see is the best art ever made!

Story Select 2
[JP] フールガールの好きな漫画もフールだヨネ… [Translation]
[NA] That girl's beloved manga, it's just as ridicolo as she is.

Story Select 3
[JP] ちがう…これじゃない…これじゃない! [Translation]
[NA] No...this isn't right... No, not at all!

Story Select 4
[JP] 最後の作品は自分って決めてるんだヨネ [Translation]
[NA] I myself will be my final masterpiece!

Story Select 5
[JP] シット…生きてるなんて… [Translation]
[NA] Che palle! Still alive...

Story Select 6
[JP] アリナはアリナのスランプを認めないカラ! [Translation]
[NA] I, Alina, will NEVER concede to artist's block!

Unused 1
[JP] 自分にウソをつくとかデッドライフだヨネ [Translation]


強化完了 - Strengthening Complete
[JP] ふわあ! ふふ、いい感じに込み上げてきたヨネ~!
[NA] Ahh... *Giggle* Fantastico, just superb.

強化(Lv最大時) - Strengthening Max
[JP] 早く次に行かないと。満足したらそこでエンドだカラ。 [Translation]
[NA] On to the next, quickly! Satisfaction is an illusion!

エピソードLvアップ - Episode Lvl Up
[JP] ふうん。アリナのこと、そんなに知りたいワケ? [Translation]
[NA] Hmm... Are you that desperate to learn about me?

魔力解放 - Magical Release 1
[JP] このフィーリング、魔女とファーストコンタクトをとったときと同じような感じ…すっごく気持ちが高まってくるんですケド…! [Translation]
[NA] This sensation... It excites me just as my first encounter with a Witch did... I feel so good right now!

魔力解放 - Magical Release 2
[JP] 魔女とのコンタクトは、アリナの人生をひっくり返したヨネ。でも、それはバッドじゃなかったワケ。むしろグッドだったんだヨネ! [Translation]
[NA] Encountering a Witch completely changed the course of my life. If you ask me if it was good or bad, I'd say it was good.

魔力解放 - Magical Release 3
[NA] I, Alina, am so emozionata at the moment. How could I not with my magnum opus nearly complete? Can you not see? This brilliance...

マギアLvアップ - Magia Lvl Up
[JP] ふわぁ~! なんかはじけちゃった。アリナの中で。
[NA] Ahh... I, Alina, felt a burst of power from within...

魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 1
[JP] 最初は基本の積み重ね。それは絵画も同じなワケ。
[NA] Always build on the basics first. This applies to painting as well.

魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 2
[JP] またひとつ上のステージに登った気がする。何か初めて自分が表現したいスタイルが見つかった時と、同じような気分なワケ。
[NA] This sensation, as though stepping onto yet a higher stage... I feel as though I've uncovered a new style of expression for the first time.

魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 3
[JP] 何これ知らない! アリナ知らない! こんな最っ高の刺激! わ~すごい!ニューステージに辿り着いたような気分なんですケド。どうしよう、すっごいゾクゾクしてる!
[NA] What... Just what is this? I, Alina...have never...felt such a rush! Oh...stupendo, like debuting on a greater stage... Ahhh, I shudder with excitement...

Unused 2
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ログイン(初回ログイン時) - Login (First login)
[JP] はあ~また来たワケ? ほんと来すぎだと思うんですケド。ま、アリナは勝手にしてるし、構わなくていいカラ。はいエンド。
[NA] What? You again? You come here way too often. I'm going to do what I want. You go ahead and do what you want. End of conversation.

ログイン(朝) - Login (Morning)
[JP] 何なわけ…もう朝とかアリナ聞いてないんですケド。うう…水…アリナ朝は水って決めてるカラ。ほら、ギブミー。
[NA] It's morning already? This can't be right, where's my water? I, Alina, always drink water in the morning. Bring me some.

ログイン(昼) - Login (Noon)
[JP] 夜の方が絵が捗るから、お昼はシエスタに入るワケ。だからゴーアウェイ。あっち行って。邪魔したら後で罰を受けてもらうカラ。
[NA] Since I like working on my art at night, the afternoon is for my siesta. Now scram, I'm eating... I'll punish you if you continue to interrupt me.

ログイン(夜) - Login (Evening)
[JP] 部室に行ったらあのフールガールがいるヨネ~。またいらないマンガを勧められると思うと…はあ、早く上達してほしいんですケド。 [Translation]
[NA] I bet that ridicola girl will be in the classroom. I really hate it when she shows me her silly comics. She just never improves...

ログイン(深夜) - Login (Night)
[JP] アリナのペインティングを見てても暇だと思うし、さっさと寝たらいいと思うんですケド。ふふ、何我慢してるワケ? [Translation]
[NA] It must be boring watching me work. Are you stupid? You should just go to sleep. *Giggle* Why are you trying to stay awake?

ログイン(その他) - Login (Other)
[JP] ベストアートワークを完成させなきゃいけないアリナは、常にベリービジーなワケ。だからアナタに構ってる余裕はないんだヨネ。 [Translation]
[NA] I must complete my best artwork. Therefore, you see, I'm always busy. I have absolutely no time for you.

ログイン(AP最大時) - Login (AP full)
[JP] この反応は、キュートでプリティでビューティフルな魔女の気配。消すか飼うか餌にするかは、会ってからのお楽しみだヨネ~! [Translation]
[NA] I sense a lovely little Witch nearby. Bellissima! I get so excited when I choose whether to destroy, keep, or feed it to my best artwork.

ログイン(BP最大時) - Login (BP full)
[JP] ほかの魔法少女がアリナを邪魔するっていうなら、そんなの目的のためにデリートする以外ないヨネ~さ、どんな作品に仕上げようかな。 [Translation]
[NA] If any Magical Girls interfere with my work I'll simply delete them, of course. Alright, how should I finish up this piece?

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魔法少女タップ - Tap 1
[JP] へえ~! アリナの死者蘇生シリーズを知ってるワケ? 気持ち悪いって言う人も多いけど、分かってる人は命を感じとってくれるんだヨネ~。
[NA] So you know my Revived Dead series? Many say it's creepy, but those who can appreciate it understand it's full of life.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 2
[JP] アリナは食事のクオリティにこだわりはないワケ。とりあえずおなかに入ればそれでオーケーだし、絵に集中してたら味もしなくなるカラ。 [Translation]
[NA] Who cares about food? To me, it's just fuel. I don't even notice the taste when I'm working.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 3
[JP] 絵画。陶芸。手芸。インスタレーション。アリナのベースができたのは、家のギャラリーでいろんな作家から刺激を受けたからだと思うワケ。 [Translation]
[NA] Painting, pottery, handcrafts, installation art... I think my sense of aesthetics was inspired by all the art in my parents' gallery.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 4
[JP] じー。こっちを見てくるから見つめ返したけど、別に面白くもなんともないワケ。なんだか全然刺激が足りないんですケド。 [Translation]
[NA] *Stare* Since you're always staring at me, I tried to stare back, but nope, nothing interesting. Absolutely no ispirazione at all.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 5
[JP] そう。みふゆの体は最高なワケ。女性としての曲線も柔らかさも精巧で、100時間くらいデッサンしても構わないぐらいだカラ! [Translation]
[NA] Mifuyu's body is a work of art! Her posture, her appearance...stupenda. I could sketch her for a hundred hours!

魔法少女タップ - Tap 6
[JP] 利害関係。マギウス三人のつながりなんてそんなもんなワケ。だから、他の二人が目指すゴールはアリナ的には興味がないんだヨネ。 [Translation]
[NA] All three of the Magius are motivated only by their own interests. That's why what they want to achieve doesn't hold my attention in the slightest.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 7
[JP] はあ? 誰が進学しないとかいったワケ? アリナ的にこれでも大学に行くつもりなんですケド。大学の人間模様を端から見てみたいワケ。 [Translation]
[NA] Huh? Who said I'm not going to universita? Believe it or not, I, Alina, am planning to go. I want to observe how people live there.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 8
[JP] 周りのニーズに合わせて作るのはアリナのポリシーに反するヨネ~ むしろ、アリナのレールにみんなを巻き込むスタイルなんですケド。
[NA] I never create art based on what people want. Rather, I, Alina, draw other people into my artwork.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 9
[JP] しつこい。そーゆー空気を読めないところ、うちのフールガールにそっくりだヨネ~。誰って、御園かりんなんですケド。 [Translation]
[NA] Cut it out. You're just like that ridicola girl who doesn't know when to stop. Who, you ask? I'm talking about Karin Misono, of course.


クエスト開始 - Battle Start
[JP] さ、レッツパーティ。 [Translation]
[NA] All right then. Let's start the party.

クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 1
[JP] ふぅ…エキサイトしちゃった [Translation]
[NA] Oh, I just got so excited...

クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 2
[JP] はぁ…アリナ的に飽きちゃったカモ…
[NA] *Sigh* I, Alina, have grown tired of this...

クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 3
[JP] もうこんなのクセになっちゃうヨネ [Translation]
[NA] I could never get tired of this.

Unused 5
[JP] アリナの作品になる価値もないんですケド [Translation]
[NA] You are not worthy to be used in my artwork.


Disc Select 1
[JP] うん [Translation]

Disc Select 2
[JP] これで [Translation]

Disc Select 3
[JP] はぁぁあ [Translation]

Disc Select 4
[JP] いいかな? [Translation]

Targeting Ally With Connect Disc Select
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Do it yourself!

Targeted By Connect Disc Select From Ally
[JP] アリナに動けって? [Translation]

Attack 1
[JP] 目障りなんですけど! [Translation]

Attack 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Let's create!

Attack 3
[JP] 死んだら感謝してヨネ~ [Translation]

Attack 4
[JP] 邪魔くさ [Translation]

Attack 5
[JP] 最高! [Translation]

Attack 6
[JP] バイバイ [Translation]

Attack 7
[JP] 死ね! [Translation]

Attack 8
[JP] ほらほら! [Translation]

Attack 9
[JP] Japanese quote needed
The end.

Attack 10
[JP] 楽し! [Translation]
Magia (1) (Note: The lines used in the game varies; they are normally a mix of Magia and Attack voice lines.)
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Hey, make sure to satisfy Alina, okay?
Magia (2)
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Right before my eyes.. ahhaha.. you're going to cease functioning..!
Magia (3)
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Magia (4)
[JP] Japanese quote needed
I'm so excited it gave me the shivers!
Doppel (Note: While most characters have Doppel sounds, this does not imply a release of the character's Doppel any time in the foreseeable future)
[JP] キタァ~美しいアリナのドッペル! [Translation]
Giving Connect Attack To Ally
[JP] 無駄にしたら容赦しないカラ [Translation]

Connect Attack Given From Ally
[JP] あんま乗り気じゃないんだヨネ~ [Translation]

Actives on Self
[JP] 消されないカラ! [Translation]

Actives on Allies
[JP] さぁ、働いて? [Translation]

Actives on Enemies
[JP] デリート! [Translation]

Taking Damage
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Taking Damage While At Critical Health
[JP] Japanese quote needed

[JP] っ録画して [Translation]

Special Quotes
No Data
[JP] Japanese quote needed

No Data
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No Data
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ログイン(初回ログイン時) - Login (First login)
[NA] Oh, you're here too? It's hot, I'm sweating... My mood is merda. Please, don't talk to me.

ログイン(朝) - Login (Morning)
[NA] Oh... Ugh! Cicadas... So noisy, I can't stand them! Who opened the window this early anyway?!

ログイン(昼) - Login (Noon)
[NA] No one told me it was going to be THIS hot. Someone needs to create an air conditioner for the earth. Ah, perfetto... I was waiting for my hotdog to arrive.

ログイン(夜) - Login (Evening)
[NA] Let's eat. I really don't care about seafood, though... *Munch* Molto delizioso.

ログイン(深夜) - Login (Night)
[NA] Summer is so full of life, all 24 hours of every day. The sky is overflowing with stars, it's hot, and the insects are constantly singing. In short, for me, Alina, it is terribile.

ログイン(その他) - Login (Other)
[NA] Mi dispiace, I'm not in a good mood today. It's too hot... You might want to leave me alone for now.

ログイン(AP最大時) - Login (AP full)
[NA] Not only is my mood merda, this Witch's timing is the same. I could take it out, I could make it my pet. Let's just have a little bit of fun. *Giggle*

ログイン(BP最大時) - Login (BP full)
[NA] You know, Endless Mirrors may be similar to the sea. It's deep, full of mysteries, a place where Familiars are both born and killed.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 1
[NA] Huh? I was tired so I decided to wind down with a bit of reading. If I don't read this draft before vacation's over, the idiota will get even more annoying.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 2
[NA] Hmm... On second thought, I don't mind the beach. Everyone in their swimsuits, showing off their perfect bodies... A good chance to hunt for new specimens.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 3
[NA] Hey, who hit me with this beachball? I'm trying to sketch here. Go play over there.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 4
[NA] Making a sandcastle? All too easy for me. If you really want to see me make one, I guess I could create something... It's going to cost you, though.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 5
[NA] My most favorite summer event? Well the Bon Festival, of course. So emozionante, it makes my heart flutter.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 6
[NA] Stai zitto! I'm trying to work here. I have the most perfect idea... I need to get it down. I'm even using my sweat to blend the paints.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 7
[NA] I forgot to buy souvenirs... That idiota is really going to give it to me if I don't get her something. She knew I was going to the beach, too.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 8
[NA] Hmm, it's odd... Just coming to the beach with another person is so fresh. I usually don't think much of people, especially the ones I have no relationship with.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 9
[NA] I tried putting everyone into this drawing. You can have it if you want. You can throw it away if you don't.

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