Magia Archive Key Facts

  • Hometowns: Mizuna Ward & Kōshō Ward (水名区&工匠区)
  • Ages: 17
  • Heights: 158cm
  • Weapon: Banana boat and water gun
  • Ability: Sound manipulation
  • Soul Gem Locations: Accessory on back of right hand (Tsukuyo), Accessory on back of left hand (Tsukasa)

Side Story

The Amane Sisters have a day off to go to the beach and have fun; however, once they get there, they find the beach crowded, expensive, and they don't know what to do together. They try different activities, only to be thrawrted each time by Mitsuki Felicia and the rest of the Mikazuki Villa. After challenging them to a water gun duel for ruining their sand sculpture, Tsukuyo falls ill from heat stroke and the Mikazuki girls take care of her. To repay their debt, Tsukasa helps the Mikazuki girls in a volleyball tournament, winning 2nd place. Afterwards, Nanami Yachiyo takes everyone else home, and the sisters spend the rest of the day contentedly relaxing on the beach and enjoying each others company. They buy matching souvenir key chains to memorialize the wonderful day.


  • The first Duo unit released in the game
  • The only Duo unit so far to have a proper Doppel rather than a 2nd Magia.

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