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Event Duration

JP (そしてこれから。)

  • 21st August 2018 17:00 JST - 3rd September 2018 14:59 JST

NA (Hereafter)

  • February 25th 2020 02:00 AM PST - March 8th 2020 11:59 PM PST

Event Guide


Announce event 10331

NA announce event 10331

How to Play

Event Currency1st Anniversary Medal[JP] 1周年記念メダル
[NA] Rumor Medal
All event quests drop the event currency Rumor Medal.
Shop Currency50px[JP] 1周年交換チケット
[NA] Anniversary Ticket
The shop currency Anniversary Ticket can be obtained from the Event Shop or through the associated pickup gacha.

1. In Tower Events, stories are arranged in a linear format where completing one quest unlocks the next, with difficulty increasing as players progress through the event.

2. There are 2 stage types in this event:

  • Story Quest - The main line of quests containing the story; intended to be completable by all players.
  • Challenge Quest - Higher difficulty levels with higher currency and item drop rates.

3. Note that unlike normal Tower Events, the event currency is received only once on clearing the quest missions. Only 30 Rumor Medals are available through quests, with an additional 13 available through the 1st Anniversary Campaign login bonus.

Release Schedule

Initially only the Challenge Quests and Story Quest 1 are available. Each day, a new story quest will be added.


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チャレンジBATTLE1をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 1 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE2をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 2 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE3をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 3 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE4をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 4 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE5をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 5 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE6をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 6 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE7をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 7 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE8をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 8 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE9をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 9 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE10をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 10 10 x Magia Stone

Event Shop

A total of 43 Medals is available; this is enough to clear the shop.

Item Quantity Price Item Quantity Price
Memoria 1249 s 1
1st Anniversary Medal
Memoria 1250 s 1
1st Anniversary Medal
Homescreen Background (1) 1
1st Anniversary Medal
Homescreen Background (2) 1
1st Anniversary Medal
10 Gacha Ticket1
1st Anniversary Medal
Memoria 1148 s 10
1st Anniversary Medal
Rainbow Orb5
1st Anniversary Medal
1st Anniversary Medal
Potion Set(Small)3
1st Anniversary Medal

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