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Event Guide Quests Missions Shop

Event Duration

JP Server (そしてアザレアの花咲く)

  • 10th October 2017 - 23th October 2017 14:59 JST
  • 17th May 2019 16:00 JST - 24th May 2019 14:59 JST (rerun)

NA Server (And So, The Azalea Blooms)

  • July 23rd 2019 06:00 AM PDT - August 6th 2019 02:59 AM PDT

Event Guide

Event currency Red Azalea Red Azalea, White Azalea White Azalea
Synopsis (NA) Three Magical Girls with an unbreakable bond. This is a story where they fight to survive the fate surrounding the city of Kamihama. But there is more than one ending to this story. Could a cruel fate be awaiting them?
Special Limited Magical Girl Mikuri Ayame

Advancing through the story

Play through story stages to progress the story. As you progress, you will obtain the following special items:

  • Konoha Story Fragment
  • Hazuki Story Fragment
  • Ayame Story Fragment

The special item you receive from a particular stage is based on the girl whose picture is shown.

Stages are unlocked by completing previous stages, and obtaining a specific amount of fragments. Clicking on a locked stage will show you what is needed to open it.

At some points, the story splits into different branches. At these "decision stages", choose which branch you want to go down and see how far you get. Picking a branch locks the decision stage, while progressing down a branch will unlock that stage again. Try to go down all the possible branches to reach all possible endings.

Obtaining Event Currency

All stages in Part 1 drop Red Azaleas Red Azalea, while stages in Part 2 provide White Azaleas White Azalea. Each currency has its own shop.

Note: Stages costing only 5AP or 7AP have a chance of dropping 0 currency. Please keep this in mind when choosing a stage to farm.

Event Memoria Guide

On Memoria, support, and team menus all of these Memoria will show as BONUS, but note that different Memoria give different bonuses for Part 1 and Part 2! Check which Memoria are actually equipped before starting a battle to ensure you get the correct bonuses.

Memoria Bonus Effect Max Limit Break Bonus Effect
Memoria 1120 s Increase Red Azalea and White Azalea drops by 1 Increase Red Azalea and White Azalea drops by 2
Memoria 1121 s Increase White Azalea drops by 3 Increase White Azalea drops by 7
Memoria 1122 s Increase Red Azalea drops by 3 Increase Red Azalea drops by 7
Memoria 1343 s Increase Red Azalea and White Azalea drops by 2
(Rerun event only)
Increase Red Azalea and White Azalea drops by 5
(Rerun event only)

Event Quests

Event Missions

Missions were only available for the original event run, not the rerun

End No1をクリア Clear End No1 5 x Magia Stone
End No2をクリア Clear End No2 5 x Magia Stone
End No3をクリア Clear End No3 5 x Magia Stone
End No4[2部]をクリア Clear End No4 [Part 2] 5 x Magia Stone
End No5[2部]をクリア Clear End No5 [Part 2] 5 x Magia Stone
End No6[2部]をクリア Clear End No6 [Part 2] 5 x Magia Stone
End No7[2部]をクリア Clear End No7 [Part 2] 5 x Magia Stone
TRUE END[2部]をクリア Clear TRUE END [Part 2] 5 x Magia Stone
EPILOGUE[2部]をクリア Clear EPILOGUE [Part 2] 20 x Magia Stone

Event Shop

Mikuri Ayame is an event limited magical girl! Be sure to buy all Tri-Colored Marbles and Destiny Gems from the shop to fully upgrade her. She can only be obtained during this event.

NOTE: Although items and quantities are the same between JP and NA servers, item prices may vary. Only JP prices are shown below.

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