• Japanese: カウンター無効
  • Description: Ignore Counter effect on enemies.

Magical Girl Effect
Anna MeruAnna Meru Anna Meru 80%
Mitsuki FeliciaMitsuki Felicia Mitsuki Felicia 100%
Magical Girl Effect
Shizumi KonohaShizumi Konoha Shizumi Konoha Allies / 3 Turns / 100%
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1173 sAdjoined Shadow and LightAdjoined Shadow and Light Adjoined Shadow and Light 100%
Memoria 1228 sAn Important UniformAn Important Uniform An Important Uniform 100%
Memoria 1343 sEven if I Take a Wrong PathEven if I Take a Wrong Path Even if I Take a Wrong Path XII / 80%
Memoria 1399 sLittle SoldierLittle Soldier Little Soldier 100%
Memoria 1333 sMake It or Break ItMake It or Break It Make It or Break It 100%
Memoria 1104 sMemories of the FarmMemories of the Farm Memories of the Farm 100%
Memoria 1375 sSisters Being ThemselvesSisters Being Themselves Sisters Being Themselves VI / 50%
Memoria 1208 sThe Hand Chisato HeldThe Hand Chisato Held The Hand Chisato Held 100%
Memoria 1279 sTheir Separate DestinationsTheir Separate Destinations Their Separate Destinations 100%
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