• Japanese: 幻惑無効
  • Description: Immunity to Dazzle effect.

Magical Girl Effect
Magical Girl Effect
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1201 sBroken, Yet BeautifulBroken, Yet Beautiful Broken, Yet Beautiful 100%
Memoria 1366 sLittle Crescent MoonsLittle Crescent Moons Little Crescent Moons 100%
Memoria 1347 sRemnants of LightRemnants of Light Remnants of Light 100%
Memoria 1335 sSuddenly Given Stones x200Suddenly Given Stones x200 Suddenly Given Stones x200 100%
Memoria 1303 sSweet ApportionmentSweet Apportionment Sweet Apportionment 100%
Memoria 1383 sTreasure of This One MomentTreasure of This One Moment Treasure of This One Moment 100%
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