• Japanese: 回避無効
  • Description: Ignore Evade effect on enemies.

Magical Girl Effect
Anna MeruAnna Meru Anna Meru 100%
Eri AimiEri Aimi Eri Aimi 100%
Izumi KanagiIzumi Kanagi Izumi Kanagi 100%
Midori RyouMidori Ryou Midori Ryou 80%
Momoe NagisaMomoe Nagisa Momoe Nagisa 100%
Magical Girl Effect
Eri AimiEri Aimi Eri Aimi All / 3 Turns / 100%
Izumi KanagiIzumi Kanagi Izumi Kanagi 100%
Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year SakuraRumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura Self / 3 Turns / 100%
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1179 sA Fine Day to Cool DownA Fine Day to Cool Down A Fine Day to Cool Down 100%
Memoria 1173 sAdjoined Shadow and LightAdjoined Shadow and Light Adjoined Shadow and Light 100%
Memoria 1228 sAn Important UniformAn Important Uniform An Important Uniform 100%
Memoria 1345 sBack to BackBack to Back Back to Back 100%
Memoria 1246 sBorn Amidst LightBorn Amidst Light Born Amidst Light XIII / 85%
Memoria 1071 sFulfilling the Sworn PromiseFulfilling the Sworn Promise Fulfilling the Sworn Promise 100%
Memoria 1224 sReconciliation Between the East and WestReconciliation Between the East and West Reconciliation Between the East and West 100%
Memoria 1310 sThe Ace Is a SouthpawThe Ace Is a Southpaw The Ace Is a Southpaw XIII / 85%
Memoria 1129 sThe Mysterious Karin's SchemeThe Mysterious Karin's Scheme The Mysterious Karin's Scheme 100%
Memoria 1300 sThe Price of a WishThe Price of a Wish The Price of a Wish X / 70%
Memoria 1164 sTwin Shadows Sneaking UpTwin Shadows Sneaking Up Twin Shadows Sneaking Up 100%
Memoria 1172 sTwo OathsTwo Oaths Two Oaths 100%
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