Magia Record English Wiki
  • JP: 毒無効
  • NA: Negate Poison
  • Category: Granted Effect
  • Effect: Immunity to Poison effect.


Magical Girl Effect
No connect has this effect

Spirit Enhancement

Magical Girl Effect
Akino Kaede.png Akino Kaede 100%
Miyako Hinano.png Miyako Hinano 100%
Senjougahara Hitagi.png Senjougahara Hitagi 100%


Magical Girl Effect
No magia has this effect


Memoria Effect
Memoria 1424 s.png Can't Get Used to the City 100%
Memoria 1646 s.png In One Gulp 100%
Memoria 1295 s.png May the Wishes Be Heard 100%
Memoria 1180 s.png Stance on Art 100%
Memoria 1548 s.png The Great Escape 100%
Memoria 1674 s.png The Last Inquisitor III / 100%

Doppel / Magia 2

Magical Girl Effect
No doppel or magia2 has this effect