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Anti-Skill Seal.png

  • JP: スキル不可無効
  • NA: Negate Skill Seal
  • Category: Granted Effect
  • Effect: Immunity to Skill Seal effect.


Magical Girl Effect
No connect has this effect

Spirit Enhancement

Magical Girl Effect
Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.).png Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.) 100%
Chiaki Riko.png Chiaki Riko 100%
Fumino Sayuki.png Fumino Sayuki 100%
Hibiki Meguru.png Hibiki Meguru 100%
Hiiragi Nemu.png Hiiragi Nemu 100%
Kumi Seika.png Kumi Seika 100%
Lapine.png Lapine 100%
Makino Ikumi.png Makino Ikumi 100%
Oshino Shinobu.png Oshino Shinobu 100%
Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura (Mizugi ver.).png Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura (Mizugi ver.) 100%
Tamaki Iroha.png Tamaki Iroha 100%
Tomoe Mami.png Tomoe Mami X / 70%
Yakumo Mikage.png Yakumo Mikage 100%
Yakumo Mitama.png Yakumo Mitama 100%


Magical Girl Effect
No magia has this effect


Memoria Effect
Memoria 1221 s.png Being Wrapped In Self-Reproach 100%
Memoria 1615 s.png Ill-Fitting Thoughts VIII / 60%
Memoria 1388 s.png My Soul for the Land of the Rising Sun 100%
Memoria 1355 s.png Place Where You Can Meet Everyone IX / 65%

Doppel / Magia 2

Magical Girl Effect
No doppel or magia2 has this effect