Attack Up
  • JP: HP最大時攻撃力UP
  • NA: ATK UP when at Max HP
  • Category: Buff
  • Effect: Increases the target's base attack by the % shown when HP is full.

Magical Girl Effect
Spirit Enhancement
Magical Girl Effect
Felicia-Chan Felicia-chan IV / 20%
Tatsuki Asuka Tatsuki Asuka IV / 20%
Magical Girl Effect
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1138 s A Pleasant Imbalance V / 25%
Memoria 1333 s Make It or Break It VI / 30%
Memoria 1401 s Miyako-senpai Radar IV / 20%
Memoria 1494 s The Happiest Moment in Human Life V / 25%
Memoria 1209 s The Sword Which Strikes in the Space Between Light and Dark V / 25%
Memoria 1444 s These Thoughts Must End! III / 15%
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