Magia Archive Profile

  • Hometown: Chūō Ward, Kamihama City (中央区)
  • Age: 15 (High School 1st Year)
  • Height: 155 cm
  • Weapon: Tonfa
  • Ability: Endure
  • Soul Gem Location: Neck

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Gameplay Analysis


  • Highest defense amongst light-attribute characters backed by solid HP pool
  • Spirit Enhancement gives her highest total potential defense plus passive Damage Cut and Blast Damage Cut
  • Damage Cut on Connect and Magia, plus passive Provoke on Spirit Enhancement, can greatly boost the survivability of her team in PvE play
  • Low attack, even when fully enhanced
  • Overall lack of offensive skills compared to other defense-type characters
Kokoro is one of the earliest Defense-type characters introduced into the game, and her stats very much epitomise this, with high defense, decent HP, and low attack. Her connect and Magia set are very much focused on reducing the damage taken by the team and using Counter to punish opponents. By equiping her with Provoke or Guardian Memoria such as Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style or The Sunlight That Shines Into the Complex, she can be used as an effective shield for other members of her team. Alternatively, Memoria such as Me x4 and The Power to Protect Who You Love can keep Kokoro alive long after everyone else on her team, allowing her to build up her powerful single-target Doppel. Kokoro's Spirit Enhancement takes her defensive abilities to a new level, pushing her to first-in-class amongst defense stats and giving her passive Provoke and Damage Cut; these could potentially allow her to equip more offensive Memoria to compensate for her still lackluster attack. Her passive Endure can also come in handy against tougher opponents, such as bosses or EX-challenge enemies.


  • High defense makes her lower priority for opponent AI attacks
  • Spirit Enhancement passive Provoke, Counter, and Stun, while unreliable, can buy precious turns to build up Connects and Magia
  • Low attack, even when fully enhanced
  • A number of high attack Dark-attribute characters signficantly reduces Kokoro's effective defense
While Mirrors in general does not favor Defensive types, Kokoro's combined defense and HP pool can keep her alive while other characters are targetted, allowing her to finish off weakened opponents even with her low attack. Equipping her with Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style can allow her to draw enemy attacks and chip away at their HP with Counter. Kokoro users should be wary of powerful Dark-characters such as Isuzu Ren and Akemi Homura, as their combination of powerful attack stats and status-ailment inducing skills can drastically reduce the usefulness of her high defense. Interestingly, Kokoro can work really well with other high-defense characters such as Miki Sayaka, as they can effectively share their HP pool to survive enough turns to pull off Magia attacks. In short, choose opponents carefully when playing defensive characters in Mirrors, and expect to draw out matches to pull off Connects, Magias, and Skills rather than going for quick wins.


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