Magia Archive Key Facts

  • Hometown: Chūō Ward, Kamihama City (中央区)
  • Age: 14 (Middle School 3rd Year)
  • Height: 153 cm
  • Weapon: Compact
  • Ability: Change minds (alter the target's interest)
  • Soul Gem Location: below her neck

Side Story

Troubled by a problematic development in her love life, Rika goes on a group date with Kisaki Emiri in an attempt to help her divert her attention. Even though the date ends up being a disaster she is introduced to Miyako Hinano and learns of the existence of magical girls. Grasping the opportunity at hand Rika forms a contract with Kyubey and solves her problems. However, realising the negative consequences affecting her beloved as a result of her wish, Rika sets out to revert the effects of her own wish with help from Hinano.



Ayano Rika Transform



Ayano Rika Magia Video

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