Bear's Ruff

Bear's Ruff (クマの襟巻) is an item in Magireco dropped by Rumor of the Working Bear and Rumor of the Soldier Bear. The item has its highest drop rate at ???. (Please always refer to the drop rate data sheet for the most updated information.)

Girls who use this item are listed below:

Magical Girl Awakening Magia Total
Chiaki RikoChiaki Riko Chiaki Riko 15 5 20
Fate T. HarlaownFate T. Harlaown Fate T. Harlaown 0 7 7
Felicia-ChanFelicia-chan Felicia-chan 0 7 7
Hiroe ChiharuHiroe Chiharu Hiroe Chiharu 0 5 5
Iroha-chanIroha-chan Iroha-chan 15 0 15
Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year SakuraRumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura 0 9 9
Senjougahara HitagiSenjougahara Hitagi Senjougahara Hitagi 15 0 15
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