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Cureemblem Cureemblem 2 September

Reasons why Iroha should be a fighter in Smash Ultimate (though I know it won't happen)

I know that this is more than very likely NOT to happen, since I don't think Sakurai allows mobile games and games based around anime, but still, I love to dream about this. I have always imagined Iroha being a fighter in Smash Ultimate (especially as a DLC character). I could give a summary why, but here are my top reasons about why I would like her in. Let's a go!

1. There would be so many amazing Madoka content to add to the game. I can imagine a stage similar to Skyloft exploring Kamihama, as well as showing some labyrinths where the witches are stage obstacles, and some magical girls from the game cheering on the fighters. That would be amazing, I can also imagine some of the other magical girls as spirits with Lucina representing Yach…

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Procrastinatingonhw Procrastinatingonhw 23 June 2020

Sayuki Fumino Doppel by turn 2 in mirrors

Hey all, NA player here, I've recently come to a claim that Fumino Sayuki can doppel by turn 2 in mirrors in JP. The link to this twitter does clarify that the score was done on turn 3 with 2 connects, 1 magia, 1 doppel, 3 skills used and no penalties applied.

3T2C1M1D3S残HP80以上でこんなスコア出ます! 予選初日でも10戦目に近づいてくると甘い相手いなそうですw

Regardless is this possible? Maybe, I don't know but we can get close with some questionable number fudging. We are going to be rounding up after the multipliers, which are applied multiplicatively.

First Sayuki should be spirit enhanced with Fast Mana (30MP) , Accel Adept III (x1.15), two MP Boost II (x1.2 after 100 MP for a total of 1.4). Her memo set will be Is It Such a Dramatic Taste!? (x1.125, 3MP when hit with weak element a…

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StellaTheSheep StellaTheSheep 5 September 2019

Magia Reco Girls Connection With The Original Witches

Yeah, I'm not original in this idea. But at least I thought of this before it became important to the canon! (Roxas being an anagram for Sora with an X added)

The one that everybody brings up is Konomi Haruna possibly being Gertrud. She has scissors for a weapon, loves flowers, and has no Doppel yet. However, there are some hits against this. Gertrud is associated specifically with red roses, whereas Konomi is associated with what appear to be Camellias. Additionally, Konomi has no butterfly association. But the biggest issue is GERTRUD IS IN THE GAME.

The second one I want to bring up is Kanoko Yayoi being connected to Quitterie. Once again, Kanoko has no Doppel. She is a seamstress who uses a rapier that represents a needle as a weapon. Qu…

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Dschehuti Dschehuti 1 May 2018

Let's collect Magical Girl nicknames!

I know this is a pretty quiet wiki, but I thought it would be funny to hear how you call your Magical Girls. Might be I was watching a few too many Honest Trailer videos recently, but I compiled a few of the names I use for them when I don't bother learning the names.

Therefore I start by presenting Magia Record, starring:

Homura's dead sidekick

What even is a main quest?

Discount Tomoyo

Go! Fight! Sexism!

Did you just punch out C'thulu?!?

North German Confederation

Sailor Mars

Gordon Ramsay

Wrong Story, Girl

Moping Batman

Girl next Door

When all you have is a hammer

Ensign Redshirt

Discount Mashu

Where is my monocle?

Girl Bismarck

Furude Rika

Most definitely not a villain

So bad it's just bad

Perpetual Meh

Chinese Wolverine

Little Orphan Annie

Pew! Pew! Lasers!

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Greenteacakee Greenteacakee 25 March 2018

Time To Create And Predict New Magical Girls!

Basically I made this blog for people to predict new magical girls and create magical girls!

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