• StellaTheSheep

    Yeah, I'm not original in this idea. But at least I thought of this before it became important to the canon! (Roxas being an anagram for Sora with an X added)

    The one that everybody brings up is Konomi Haruna possibly being Gertrud. She has scissors for a weapon, loves flowers, and has no Doppel yet. However, there are some hits against this. Gertrud is associated specifically with red roses, whereas Konomi is associated with what appear to be Camellias. Additionally, Konomi has no butterfly association. But the biggest issue is GERTRUD IS IN THE GAME.

    The second one I want to bring up is Kanoko Yayoi being connected to Quitterie. Once again, Kanoko has no Doppel. She is a seamstress who uses a rapier that represents a needle as a weapon. Qu…

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  • Dschehuti

    I know this is a pretty quiet wiki, but I thought it would be funny to hear how you call your Magical Girls. Might be I was watching a few too many Honest Trailer videos recently, but I compiled a few of the names I use for them when I don't bother learning the names.

    Therefore I start by presenting Magia Record, starring:

    Homura's dead sidekick

    What even is a main quest?

    Discount Tomoyo

    Go! Fight! Sexism!

    Did you just punch out C'thulu?!?

    North German Confederation

    Sailor Mars

    Gordon Ramsay

    Wrong Story, Girl

    Moping Batman

    Girl next Door

    When all you have is a hammer

    Ensign Redshirt

    Discount Mashu

    Where is my monocle?

    Girl Bismarck

    Furude Rika

    Most definitely not a villain

    So bad it's just bad

    Perpetual Meh

    Chinese Wolverine

    Little Orphan Annie

    Pew! Pew! Lasers!

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  • Greenteacakee

    Basically I made this blog for people to predict new magical girls and create magical girls!

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