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|en = A rubber witch's minion. Its role is buoyancy.
|en = It can run around on the sea surface like a water strider.<br/>It fires beach balls which can flip people upside down from its hole in its center to people who touched it, and drowns humans lost in its labyrinth.<br />Its body is filled with air, thus not good at coping with sharp things. Usually it floats on the sea disguising as a swim ring.
You can run around the sea like Water strider.
|jp = アメンボのように海面を走り回ることが出来る。<br />中心の穴から触れた者の上下を入れ替えるビーチボールを発射し、結界に迷い込んだ人間を溺れさせてしまう。<br />体には空気が詰まっており、尖っている物は苦手。普段は浮き輪に擬態し海面を漂っている。
It fires a beach ball that swaps up and down the person touched from the hole in the center, and makes a drowning human being lost in the barrier.
The body is filled with air, not good at sharp objects. mimic it as a floating wheel usually and it is floating on the sea surface.
|jp = ゴムの魔女の手下。その役割は、浮力。<br />アメンボのように海面を走り回ることが出来る。<br />中心の穴から触れた者の上下を入れ替えるビーチボールを発射し、結界に迷い込んだ人間を溺れさせてしまう。<br />体には空気が詰まっており、尖っている物は苦手。普段は浮き輪に擬態し海面を漂っている。

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Enemy 7108 l Enemy 7108 c
Rubber Witch's Minion
Type: Familiar
Witch/Rumor ID: 7108
Drop Item: Rubber Swim Ring Rubber Swim Ring
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


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