[JP] 生まれる光の中で
[NA] In the Light at its Birth
Memoria 1246 c
Illustrator: Hoshi Kazuki / Nekomori Nana (星和貴 / 猫杜なな)
Can be used by: All
Obtainability: Ultimate Madoka Pickup Gacha
Rarity: ✵✵✵✵
Min/Max HP: 890 ➜ 2225
Min/Max ATK: 730 ➜ 1825
Min/Max DEF: 0 ➜ 0
Max lvl: 50
Memoria ID: 1246


Attack Up Invisible Adept
Normal Effect
Chance to Anti-Evade [XI / 75%] & Attack Up [III / 15%]
Fully Ascended Effect
Chance to Anti-Evade [XIII / 85%] & Attack Up [IV / 20%]


JP description
繰り返し紡いだ糸 ひとつの点に重なって
重ねた約束と共に 数多を救う約束の光になる
新たな幕開けは少女の闇 囁いた言葉が 少女を掬い上げた
The repeatedly spun threads overlap on a single point,
together with the promise, they become the light of the promise that will save the multitude.
In the new beginning of the girl's darkness, these whispered words scooped her up out of it.
"You were my best friend, weren't you?"
NA description
The threads, spun over and over, converged at a single point. Layers of promises, promises to save many, transformed into light. As her descent in darkness began, the words she whispered lifted her up: “After all that’s happened, you were my very best friend.”


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