• Japanese: やけど
  • Description: This character takes damage each turn and takes increased damage from its weak element. This effect does 10% of the targets health per stack, to a maximum of 10,000 damage per turn. This maximum is shared with Poison and Curse

Magical Girl Effect
Magical Girl Effect
Amano SuzuneAmano Suzune Amano Suzune All Enemies / 3 Turns / 100%
Elisa CeljskaElisa Celjska Elisa Celjska Target / 3 Turns / 100%
Mikuri AyameMikuri Ayame Mikuri Ayame Target / 1 Turn / 100%
Sengoku NadekoSengoku Nadeko Sengoku Nadeko Target / 3 Turns / 100%
Tomoe MamiTomoe Mami Tomoe Mami All Enemies / 3 Turns / 52.5%
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1345 sBack to BackBack to Back Back to Back VI / 35%
Memoria 1374 sFire Drake RoarsFire Drake Roars Fire Drake Roars 100%
Memoria 1088 sImmediately Solve Any Troubles!Immediately Solve Any Troubles! Immediately Solve Any Troubles! X / 52.5%
Memoria 1153 sMagical Girl VS Series?Magical Girl VS Series? Magical Girl VS Series? X / 52.5%
Memoria 1112 sMy School LifeMy School Life My School Life 100%
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