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<p style="font-weight:normal;">{{MemoriaInfo
<p style="font-weight:normal;">{{MemoriaInfo
|Jname = びっしり書かれた料理レ
|Jname = びっしり書かれた料理レ
|Illust = Miyamoto Satoru (宮本 さとる)
|Illust = Miyamoto Satoru (宮本 さとる)
|Rarity = 3
|Rarity = 3

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Carefully Written Cooking Recipe
Memoria 1068 c
Japanese name: びっしり書かれた料理レシピ
Illustrator: Miyamoto Satoru (宮本 さとる)
Can be used by: All
Obtainability: Unlimited
Rarity: 3★
Min/Max HP: 500/1250
Min/Max ATK: 0/0
Min/Max DEF: 420/1050
Max lvl: 40
Memoria ID: 68



Normal Effect Cooldown
HP Recovery [IX] 8 turns
Max Limit Break Effect Cooldown
HP Recovery [X] 7 turns

Can only be used by Tamaki Iroha.



JP description

その筆跡から, いろはが書いたものと思われるが本人は覚えていない。

調理してもるものの, 果たしてこれが「誰の為」の料理なのかは,

あのときのいろはには, わからないのであった。

A handwritten recipe with detailed annotations about nutritional balance.

From it's calligraphy, one may think that it was written by Iroha, but the person in itself doesn't remember.

When trying to cook it, as expected it was a "For someone's sake" recipe.

The Iroha from that time didn't understand the reason.

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