Accomplish Events are one of the more challenging event types in Magia Record.

Special features of accomplish events include:

  • No Support: The player can use up to 5 of their own Magical Girls; supports are not available.
  • Persistent HP & MP: Magical Girls' HP and MP gauges carry over between battles.
  • Revival system: Players get a limited number of revives each day that can be used to fully restore the HP of their Magical Girls, including those that have fallen in battle. Alternatively, fallen Magical Girls will revive after a certain amount of time has passed based on their Rarity.
  • Bosses: Every 5th quest is a higher difficulty boss. While powerful, bosses can be fought over multiple battles, with their HP and MP carrying over. As a result even after losing a boss fight players can re-challenge until the boss is defeated.
  • Limited Event Currency: quests cannot be repeated; as a result only a limited amount of event currency is available which must be taken into consideration when planning what to buy from the Event Shop. To compensate, these events have a Rewards List of rare Items that can be obtained by defeating bosses.


Accomplish Events typically feature a linear story format. Completing one stage will lock it out and unlock the next stage.

  • Story Quests: Lower difficulty quests designed to be completed by all players
  • Challenge Quests: Higher difficulty quests which give rarer items. These unlock after completing Story Quests.

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