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Boss Events are often run during collaboration events featuring character from other Madoka Magica series.

Special events of Boss Events include:

  • World Map: While the story mode is still linear, the screen takes the format of a large map. Players "travel" the map going from node to node.
  • Turn Limit: Battles have a turn limit; once this is exceeded the battle ends. Exceeding the limit is classed as a victory for the player.
  • Event Limited Magical Girls: To date, in addition to the associated Gacha, Boss Events have included a free Magical Girl.
  • Multiple currencies: In addition to the regular shop, clearing all story quests in these events grants a second currency which can be used to obtain and fully upgrade the event limited Magical Girl.


Boss Events take the format of a large map with a variety of "nodes":

  • Story Nodes: These contain story quests that progress the story. Some nodes feature just one quest, while others feature easy, medium, and hard difficulty quests. Completing quests will fill up the "node counter"; when the counter reaches max the node is completed.
  • Boss Nodes: Unlike story nodes, boss node counters start at max and represent the boss HP. Boss HP can be brought down over multiple battles. There are two types of bosses:
    • Area Boss: After completing a section of the map, the boss node for that area will appear. Not all Area Bosses need to be defeated, however clearing these nodes may grant bonuses towards other battles.
    • Final Boss: The last boss or set of bosses of the map. These have more HP and defense than others and will often require several battles to take down. For some events, certain Magical Girls or Memoria will deal bonus damage to Final Bosses, drastically reducing the amount of time needed to take them down.
  • Challenge Nodes: Higher difficulty quests with greater rewards.

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