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For information about the Gacha in general, see main article Gacha

Gacha Events are time-limited rate-ups of specific Magical Girls. They normally coincide with new character releases or run alongside other ongoing events. Gacha Events are usually the main means of acquiring Category:Limited Magical Girls.

Key Features of Gacha Events include:

  • Rate-up: There is normally a higher chance of acquiring the rate-up Magical Girls or Memoria featured in the event.
  • Time-limited Pity Counter: The pity counter for Gacha Events are usually exclusive to the specific pickup or simultaneous pickups. Therefore, once the event ends any progress on the pity counter is lost.
  • Time-limited Shop: Since late 2019, each pull of an event gacha gives the player an Adjuster's Coin which can be spent in the associated Shop. These shops normally feature copies of the rate-up Magical Girls and Spirit Enhancement fragment sets, with occassional extra items available. Like other event shops Adjuster Coin shops are usually available for a week after the event ends to allow players to spend accumulated coins. Like the pity counter, Adjuster Coins do not roll over from event to event and are lost if not spent.
  • Paid option: In addition to the daily discounted single pull for 8 paid Magia Stones, some events will feature a separate single-use ten-pull for a discounted 150 paid Magia Stones.

Event Sub-Types

  • Memorial: Normally found during significant events such as game anniversaries, Memorial gacha normally feature several simultaneous Pickups that share a pity counter; pulls in one will increase the counter for all others. Likewise, pulling a 4★ Magical Girl will reset it for all involved pickups.
  • Paid/Guaranteed: Only Magia Stones purchased with real-world money can be used in Paid or Guaranteed Gachas - free stones from events, missions, etc. cannot be spent. These Gachas normally can only be used once and guarantee the player receives 1 copy of a rate-up Magical Girl.
  • Pickup: The standard event type. Drop rates for Magical Girls and Memoria are the same as in the normal Rare Gacha, however the Magical Girl/Memoria received have higher chances of being the pickup units. Normally, all Unlimited Magical Girls and Memoria are also available and have a chance to be puulled, albeit at a lower rate than usual.
  • Selection: The player can choose which Magical Girls or Memoria are rate-up from an available pool. For some events, the rate-up items may become the only items available for their respective rarity.
  • Story: Similar to Pickup Gacha, however all unlimited Magical Girls with the same rarity as the rate-up characters are removed from the Gacha pool. The player is therefore guaranteed to obtain the rate-up character when obtaining a card of that rarity.

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