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Tower Events are one of the most common event types in Magia Record.

Special features of tower events include:

  • Event AP: Instead of using the player's AP guage to play quests, tower events usually have their own unique AP type. Players start with a limited amount of event AP, and gather more by playing regular (non-event) quest.
  • Destiny Bottles: these rare items are often included in Tower Event shops, and can be exchanged for Destiny Gems for upgrading Magical Girls.


Tower Events typically feature a linear format similiar to regular Story quests, where completing one quest will unlock the next.

  • Story Quests: Lower difficulty quests designed to be completed by all players
  • Challenge Quests: Higher difficulty quests which give more event currency and rarer Items.
  • EX Challenge Quests: Highest difficulty quests to challenge experienced players.

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