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Event Duration

9th October 2018 (Tuesday) - 22nd October 2018(Monday) 14:59 JST

Event Guide

1: Enter an event quest for 1 CP. CP recharges every hour; you can have a maximum of five at once. They can be fully recharged with CP Potions.

2: To clear an area, you must complete a path of nodes, leading to a final boss at the end. The path you follow is up to you; you will not pass through all the nodes. HP and MP will persist between nodes. Health potions can heal or resurrect your girls; you will get five per day. Memoria work as per mirrors; they will have a 1/2 cooldown delay before they may be used.

3: There are several types of nodes in this event. Not every type appears in each area.

Icon Type Description
Battle node
Battle Fight a wave of enemies. Each will drop one Pick to the Ideal.
Boss node
Boss Battle Fight a boss wave. Note that this is not always a boss enemy,it may just be a stronger wave of enemies. Each will drop around 5-8 Picks to the Ideal.
Trap node
Trap All magical girls on your team lose a predetermined amount of HP. Note that they will not die from this.
Restore node
Restore All magical girls on your team gain a predetermined amount of HP.
Treasure node
Treasure Gain an item.

4: Picks to the Ideal can be spent in the event shop for items and memoria.

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