Magia Archive Profile

  • Hometown: Kōshō Ward, Kamihama City (工匠区)
  • Age: 11 (Elementary School 5th Year)
  • Height: 144 cm
  • Weapon: Bento Pick
  • Ability: Attracting patrons
  • Soul Gem Location: Barrette fastener of her triangular bandana

Side Story

No Summary


  • Her Doppel name "Yuerao" is derived from the god of marriage and love "Yue Lao" (月老) in Chinese. The Doppel's shape "月下氷人" (Gekka Hyoujin, lit. "ice man under the moon") is a Japanese variation of Yue Lao's full name "月下老人" (Yuè Xià Lǎorén, lit. "old man under the moon").
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