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  • Hometown: Kazamino City (風見野市)
  • Age: 11 (Elementary School 5th Year)
  • Height: 130 cm
  • Weapon: Hammer
  • Ability: Healing
  • Soul Gem Location: Back of neck

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  • Even though she’s a little child, she can act really mature and serious when the situation asks for it.
  • She wants to be of help, and hates feeling useless.
  • Yuma’s father cheated on Mako, her mother, and they both had fights very often. Mako abused Yuma by hitting her, insulting her, burning her with cigarettes and sometimes even kicking her out of the house for certain periods of times. Eventually, Yuma dies due to the abuses in all timelines except for Oriko Magica, Symmetry Diamond and Magireco.
  • Her weapon can be seen both as a cute face or a cat’s body, with the face being actually the paws.
  • Apparently, Yuma’s character is based in a mixture of Nitori Kawashiro and Kisume from Touhou.
  • Her outfit resembles that of Dejiko from Diji Charat.
  • Her eyes are blue in some of the series.
  • Yuma is really picky with foods, but does her best to eat everything to make Kyouko happy. She also drinks a lot of milk, which she hates, to become tall like Kyouko is.
  • Her soul gem is located on the nape of her neck, in the shape of a cat's head.

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