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  • Hometown: Minagi Ward, Kamihama City (南凪区)
  • Age: 17 (High School 2nd Year)
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weapon: Dark Instruments (Claws)
  • Ability: Disguising the Truth
  • Soul Gem Location: below the neck

Side Story

Translated Stories/Chun Meiyui (Translated by HOOCCOOH)

Soukai Gang, the organization Meiyui belongs to, is comprised of the children and grandchildren of first generation postwar Chinese-Japanese. It was once an underworld gang but returned to its original form: a mutual-aid organization. Everything was peaceful.

One day, however, an uproar happened in the town, concerning land speculation which threatened local stores. Soukai Gang attempted to negotiate with the speculator only to discover that they were just someone's puppet. Worse yet, a rumor began to spread that there were traitors among the gang, and someone even offered a reward to people to attack Soukai Gang. Soukai Gang had to intensify their patrols.

Meiyui believed that there was no traitor, and caught the one who leaked their actions, who then called out his "bouncer". The "bouncer", however, confirmed using telepathy that she was also a magical girl and beat down her employer. She persisted in fighting with Meiyui, but was defeated before long. Another girl appeared and continued the fight with Meiyui. When they were fighting violently, Tokiwa Nanaka stopped them and told Meiyui that these fights were planned with the purpose of testing her real force. They sent Natsume Kako as a "bouncer" to the leaker, disguised as the land speculator's agent. Nanaka claimed that the uproar was caused by a witch and asked if Meiyui would join them. Meiyui said she would consider the offer.


  • Chun Meiyui is technically not a Chinese Pinyin name, but a direct transcription of the name's Japanese Kana imitating its Chinese pronunciation. Her name in Hanyu Pinyin is Chun Meiyu (or Chún Měiyǔ with tones).
  • She comes from Hong Kong, where Cantonese is preferred over Standard Chinese (Mandarin). Her name in Cantonese would be Shun Mei Yu (Hong Kong Government Cantonese Romanisation).
  • Despite her Chinese name, she is Japanese in China rather than Chinese according to her personal story. There is no information about whether or not she has Chinese roots.
  • She is not quite fluent at Japanese and often ends sentences with Ne () and Yo ().


Chun Meiyui Transform

Chun Meiyui Transform


Chun Meiyui Magia Video

Chun Meiyui Magia Video


Chun Meiyui Doppel Video

Chun Meiyui Doppel Video

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