Every magical girl has a connect (Japanese: コネクト) skill.

Every attack that a magic girl initiates charges up her connect gauge, which stores up to 3 charges.

Once a magical girl's connect skill is full, it may execute a Connect. To do so, the player must drag one of her discs (initiator) onto another magic girl (executor).

  • The executor will receive the effects of the initiator's connect skill.
  • The connect gauge of the initiator will be cleared.
  • The executor will perform a normal attack of whatever disc type was used for the Connect.
    • All disk rules apply, including combos and connect gauge charging.
  • The connect disc counts as both owned by the initiator and the executor. This means that Puella Combos can be formed with either character.

Connect attacks ignore any status ailments that may otherwise prevent a magical girl from attacking.

  • For example, if you have a Madoka with bind and you connect to her with another character, she will perform the connect attack regardless of the fact that she has the bind status.


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