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Event Duration

  • JP: 19th July 2019 16:00 PM JST - 12th August 2019 23:59 PM JST

Event Guide

  • JP Name: カレーハウスCoCo壱番屋コラボ記念キャンペーン

During the event period, in addition to the regular daily login bonus, players will receive the following items. Bonuses can be received on up to 8 days.

Item Quantity Item Quantity
Handmade Tonkatsu Curry 150
(max 1200)
Magia Stone 5
(max 40)

Additionally, all players receive an additional 150 Handmade Tonkatsu Curry as a gift for hitting the CoCoICHI Twitter retweet target before the start of the event.

Event Shop

Item Quantity Price Item Quantity Price
Home Screen Background 1 200 x Handmade Tonkatsu Curry Memoria 1378 s 1 100 x Handmade Tonkatsu Curry
Memoria 1379 s 1 100 x Handmade Tonkatsu Curry Gacha Ticket2 150 x Handmade Tonkatsu Curry
Rainbow Orb2 150 x Handmade Tonkatsu Curry 500,000 x CC2 100 x Handmade Tonkatsu Curry
AP Potion3 50 x Handmade Tonkatsu Curry

Prize Draw

From 19th July 2019 to 9th September 2019, players in Japan can obtain MagiReco prints with any purchase of 800 yen or more at Curry House CoCo ICHIBANYA restaurants. Players can also enter into a drawing for one of the larger collaboration prizes, including a printed T-shirt designed by Gekidan Inu Curry.

For details please see the Official CoCo Ichibanya Collab Site (Japanese site).

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