On NA, this effect is called "Damage Up". For the NA effect called "Damage Inflicted Up", see Damage Up.

  • JP: ダメージアップ状態
  • NA: Damage Up
  • Category: Granted effect
  • Effect: A unit equipped with this effect deals more damage on attacks. Damage dealt is increased by the % shown. This effect stacks with Damage Up.

Magical Girl Effect
Magical Girl Effect
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1168 sDeliver Your Wish!Deliver Your Wish! Deliver Your Wish! VI / 30%
Memoria 1035 sFuture Three-Star ChefFuture Three-Star Chef Future Three-Star Chef III / 15%
Memoria 1392 sIs This Joy Momentary or Forever...?Is This Joy Momentary or Forever...? Is This Joy Momentary or Forever...? III / 15%
Memoria 1257 sLethal Weapons Known as StationeryLethal Weapons Known as Stationery Lethal Weapons Known as Stationery VIII / 40%
Memoria 1397 sLike This, For NowLike This, For Now Like This, For Now IV / 20%
Memoria 1130 sMy BibleMy Bible My Bible V / 25%
Memoria 1068 sPast and FuturePast and Future Past and Future VI / 30%
Memoria 1065 sSplash Party!Splash Party! Splash Party! VIII / 40%
Memoria 1140 sThe Transfer Student Is a Returnee!The Transfer Student Is a Returnee! The Transfer Student Is a Returnee! III / 15%
Memoria 1354 sTo Museums on the WeekendsTo Museums on the Weekends To Museums on the Weekends IV / 20%
Memoria 1349 sUnder the White CamelliaUnder the White Camellia Under the White Camellia VI / 30%
Memoria 1144 sWalking an Entwined PathWalking an Entwined Path Walking an Entwined Path VI / 30%
Memoria 1219 sWithout Conveying Our Feelings...Without Conveying Our Feelings... Without Conveying Our Feelings... III / 15%
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