Defense Up
  • JP: 瀕死時防御力UP
  • NA: DEF UP When Near-Fainting
  • Category: Buff
  • Effect: Increases the target's base defense by the % shown at low HP ("wounded" sprite animation).

Magical Girl Effect
Spirit Enhancement
Magical Girl Effect
Nanami Yachiyo Nanami Yachiyo II / 30%
Magical Girl Effect
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1169 s First Handmade Chocolate IV / 50%
Memoria 1277 s Love Kyun-ly Maid-san IV / 50%
Memoria 1216 s Now the Two of Us Watch Over III / 40%
Memoria 1416 s The Picture that Could Not Be Shown II / 30%
Memoria 1255 s The Power to Protect Who You Love III / 40%
Memoria 1406 s Welcome to the Meeting II / 30%
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