Discs are the primary component of combat and is how the user determines how a turn will play out for their team.

There are three type of discs:

Accele Accele

  • When used alone, an Accele disc deals damage to a single enemy, and restores the magia gauge of the attacker.
    • An Accele disc increases slightly more magia gauge when used as the 2nd or 3rd disc than the 1st.
  • An Accele disc in the first position will grant slight magia gauge restoration to all subsequent discs for the turn.
  • Using 3 Accele discs in a same turn forms an Accele combo which restores the magia gauge of all members before the attack phase of the turn by a base amount of 20.

Blast BlastvBlasth

  • When used alone, a Blast disc deals damage to a line of enemies, either a row or a column, depending on the type noted on the top right corner.
    • Blast attacks have no base magia gauge restoration. They can, however, restore a minor amount if an Accele disc is in the first position.
  • A damage multiplier is applied to Blast discs depending on the position it is in the attack order. The first position has a 1.0x modifier, the second has a 1.1x modifier, and the third has a 1.2x damage modifier.
  • Using 3 Blast discs in a same turn (mixing the 2 types is allowed) forms a Blast Combo, increasing the damage of all 3 attacks.

Charge Charge

  • When used alone, a change disc deals damage to a single enemy, and increases the Charge count by 1.
  • Using 3 Charge discs in a same turn forms a Charge combo, increasing the Charge count by 2 before the attack phase of the turn. Subsequent attacks increase the Charge count normally, which means up to 5 Charges if all 3 attacks are executed.
  • Active Charge counts carry to the next turn and is reset upon the first non-Charge attack.
    • You can store up to a maximum of 20 Charges.
  • Using a non-Charge disc while there is an active Charge count will result in a Charged Attack. All Charge counts are consumed and the Charged disc will gain both a damage and an MP restoration multiplier that scales with the Charge count.
    • Charged Accele discs have a higher MP restoration multiplier whereas Charged Blast discs have a higher damage multiplier.
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