The Combat Screen

File:Combat Sample.png

This screen is the combat screen, where you'll be fighting the enemies.

  1. Menu buttons.
    • Menu
    • Number of wave
    • Number of items dropped. You will not get them until you clear the whole battle.
  2. Menu buttons.
    • Auto mode. This will be available to battles that you've cleared.
    • Animation speed.
  3. Current charge count
  4. Character status
    1. Support indicator. Only shows on the support character
    2. Attribute
    3. Abnormal status
    4. Health gauge
    5. Magia gauge
  5. Use magia
  6. Disks
    1. Connect gauge. See #Connect
    2. Attribute
    3. Disk type
    4. Support indicator. Only shows on the support character
  7. Use skills


Disks are the major operation during a combat.

There are three type of disks:

Accele Accele disks

  • When used alone, an accele disk deals damage to a single enemy, and restores the magia gauge of the attacker.
    • An accele disk increases slightly more magia gauge when used as the 2nd or 3rd disk than the 1st.
  • An Accele disc in the first position will grant slight magia gauge restoration to all subsequent discs for the turn.
  • Using 3 accele disks in a same turn forms an accele combo which restores the magia gauge of all members before the attack phase of the turn by a base amount of 20.

BlasthBlastv Blast disks

  • When used alone, a blast disk deals damage to a line of enemies, either a row or a column, depending on the type noted on the top right corner.
    • Blast attacks have no base magia gauge restoration. They can, however, restore a minor amount if an Accele disc is in the first position.
  • A damage multiplier is applied to blast discs depending on the position it is in the attack order. The first position has a 1.0x modifier, the second has a 1.1x modifier, and the third has a 1.2x damage modifier.
  • Using 3 blast disks in a same turn (mixing the 2 types is allowed) forms a blast combo, increasing the damage of all 3 attacks.

Charge Charge disks

  • When used alone, a change disk deals damage to a single enemy, and increases the charge count by 1.
  • Using 3 charge disks in a same turn forms a charge combo, increasing the charge count by 2 before the attack phase of the turn. Subsequent attacks increase the charge count normally, which means up to 5 charges if all 3 attacks are executed.
  • Active charge counts carry to the next turn and is reset upon the first non-Charge attack.
    • You can store up to a maximum of 20 charges.
  • Using a non-Charge disc while there is an active charge count will result in a Charged Attack. All charge counts are consumed and the charged disc will gain both a damage and an MP restoration multiplier that scales with the charge count.
    • Charged Accele discs have a higher MP restoration multiplier whereas Charged Blast discs have a higher damage multiplier.


Every magic girl has a connect skill.

Every attack that a magic girl initiates charges up her connect gauge, which stores up to 3 charges.

To use a connect skill, the magic girl must have her connect gauge fully charged, then you can drag her disk (initiator) onto another magic girl (executor). In this way,

  • The executor will benefit from the connect skill of the initiator.
  • The connect gauge of the initiator will be cleared.
  • The executor will perform a normal attack instead, using the same disk (including the blast type).
    • All disk rules apply, including combos and connect gauge charging.
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