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Kaname Madoka's Doppel

Doppels are the materialization of despair from the magical girls in Kamihama City. A magical girl who has gained control over her despair may call out her Doppel to attack her enemies during battle, causing massive damage.

Certain units have a second Magia instead of Doppel due to their nature; for the purpose of gameplay, it is identical to a Doppel.

How It Works

In battle, Magical Girls who have reached Magia Level 5 have their MP bar extended from 100 to 150.

When a Magical Girl with an unlocked Doppel reaches 150 MP in battle, her Magia disk is replaced with the Doppel disk.

Compared to Magia, Doppels do significantly more damage and grant improved bonuses.

Doppel stats can be viewed on individual Magical Girls' pages.

Unlocking Doppels

In order to use a Magical Girl's Doppel, their 4th personal story chapter must first be unlocked by completing the following:

  • Awaken them to 5★ Rarity
  • Raise them to Episode Level 5 and Magia Level 5
  • Cleared their Personal Story Chapter 3

The 4th personal story chapter will then become available; clearing this will unlock their Doppel.

Uncapped Characters

As the 4th personal story chapter is only available to Magical Girls who have been awakened to 5★ rarity, Doppels are not available for Magical Girls who cannot be awakened to this level, i.e. those with base 2★ and 3★.

Over time, a number of these Magical Girls have been uncapped, meaning they are able to Awaken to 5★and gaining access to their Doppels in the process.

Magical Girl JP Uncap NA Uncap
Yui Tsuruno.png Yui Tsuruno 11/30/2017 08/22/2019
Nanami Yachiyo.png Nanami Yachiyo 01/15/2018 09/05/2019
Miyako Hinano.png Miyako Hinano 03/02/2018 09/25/2019
Rumor Tsuruno.png Rumor Tsuruno 06/01/2018
(Uncapped from introduction)
(Uncapped from introduction)
Akemi Homura (Megane ver.).png Akemi Homura (Megane ver.) 07/06/2018 12/24/2019
Mitsuki Felicia.png Mitsuki Felicia 08/02/2018 03/30/2020
Akino Kaede.png Akino Kaede 09/03/2018 02/03/2020
Mikuni Oriko.png Mikuni Oriko 10/22/2018 04/13/2020
Tatsuki Asuka.png Tatsuki Asuka 01/11/2019 04/13/2020
Tokiwa Nanaka.png Tokiwa Nanaka 01/16/2019 05/11/2020
Senjougahara Hitagi.png Senjougahara Hitagi 02/15/2019 -
Tamaki Iroha.png Tamaki Iroha 03/11/2019 06/15/2020
Futaba Sana.png Futaba Sana 03/25/2019 06/05/2020
Madoka-senpai.png Madoka-senpai 04/15/2019 -
Amane Tsukasa.png Amane Tsukasa 07/01/2019 07/15/2020
Melissa de Vignolles.png Melissa de Vignolles 07/12/2019 07/22/2020
Natsume Kako.png Natsume Kako 08/29/2019 -
Narumi Arisa.png Narumi Arisa 09/27/2019 -
Chun Meiyui.png Chun Meiyui 10/09/2019 -
Kisaki Emiri.png Kisaki Emiri 01/20/2020 -
Anna Meru.png Anna Meru 03/23/2020 -
Felicia-chan.png Felicia-chan 04/03/2020 -
Yagami Hayate.png Yagami Hayate 04/22/2020 -
Kurumi Manaka.png Kurumi Manaka 05/18/2020 -
Misaki Umika.png Misaki Umika 09/07/2020 -
Hozumi Shizuku.png Hozumi Shizuku 11/27/2020 -
Kanade Haruka.png Kanade Haruka 01/12/2021 -
Shion Chisato.png Shion Chisato 01/25/2021 -
Mikuri Ayame.png Mikuri Ayame 04/30/2021 -
Yusa Hazuki.png Yusa Hazuki 04/30/2021 -
Corbeau.png Corbeau 05/24/2021 -
Lapine.png Lapine 05/24/2021 -
Midori Ryou.png Midori Ryou 09/06/2021 -
Maki Kaoru.png Maki Kaoru 10/20/2021 -
Chitose Yuma.png Chitose Yuma 11/12/2021 -
Utsuho Natsuki.png Utsuho Natsuki 11/19/2021 -
Haruna Konomi.png Haruna Konomi 12/13/2021 -
Minagi Sasara.png Minagi Sasara 01/11/2022 -
Yayoi Kanoko.png Yayoi Kanoko 02/10/2022 -
Shinobu Akira.png Shinobu Akira 03/28/2022* -
Kagami Masara.png Kagami Masara 04/18/2022 -

*Originally intended to be released on 03/07/2022; postponed due to severe bugs.

Doppel Missions

Some Uncapped Magical Girls have a set of challenges, the Doppel Missions, meant to ease the process of obtaining their Doppels. These are found on the Missions page and are permanently available after the uncap date.

Note that there is no "collect all completed" button on the Doppel Mission pages; each completed Mission must be collected individually.

Yui Tsuruno Nanami Yachiyo Mitsuki Felicia Akino Kaede
Akemi Homura Mikuni Oriko Tamaki Iroha Futaba Sana