Kaname Madoka doppel

Kaname Madoka's Doppel

Doppels are the materialization of despair from the magical girls in Kamihama City. A magical girl who has gained control over her despair may call out her Doppel to attack her enemies during battle, causing massive damage.

Magical girls unlock their Doppel by completing their personal story 4, this is unlocked by completing the following:

  • Achieved rank 5
  • Achieved magia rank 5
  • Cleared the girls personal story 3

The girl's 4th personal story will then become available, clearing this will unlock the girls Doppel.

Some magical girls have a set of challenges, the Doppel Missions, meant to ease the process of obtaining the girls Doppel. These missions are found in the missions tab, under the Missions tab, and are shown below.

Doppel Missions

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