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!Max Limit Break Bonus Effect
!Max Limit Break Bonus Effect
|[[File:Memoria 1329 s.png|centre|thumb|100x100px]]
|[[File:Memoria 1329 s.png|centre|thumb|100x100px|link=Look There]]
|Increase drops by 2
|Increase drops by 2
|Increase drops by 5
|Increase drops by 5
|[[File:Memoria 1326 s.png|centre|thumb|100x100px]]
|[[File:Memoria 1326 s.png|centre|thumb|100x100px|link=Image Training in the Server]]
|Increase drops by 3
|Increase drops by 3
|Increase drops by 7
|Increase drops by 7

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Table of contents
Event Guide Destiny Bottles Quests Missions Event Shop

Event Duration

Event duration: 25th March 2019 17:00 (Monday) JST - 8th April 2019 14:59 (Monday) JST

Event Guide

1: Play regular (non-event) quests to earn Memory Pins. Use event related memoria to increase the amount of Memory Pins that drop after each battle. The relevant memoria are listed below. Memory Pins works as event AP.

2: You need Memory Pins to enter event quests, with clearing event quests, you can get Helper Questionnaires.

3: You can exchange items with Helper Questionnaires in the event shop.


Event Memoria Guide

Memoria Bonus Effect Max Limit Break Bonus Effect
Memoria 1329 s
Increase drops by 2 Increase drops by 5
Memoria 1326 s
Increase drops by 3 Increase drops by 7

Destiny Bottles

Destiny BottleDestiny Bottles are obtainable this event. This item can be swapped for Destiny Gems. A total of 25 Destiny Bottles may be obtained. During this event the bottles can be exchanged at the following rates:

  • 1 Destiny Bottle for a Destiny Gem of a 2★ character
  • 5 Destiny Bottles for a Destiny Gem of a 3★ character


Normal Quests:

  • Mission 1: Clear with more than 30% HP remaining
  • Mission 2: Clear within 15 turns
  • Mission 3: Clear without using continue

Challenge Quests:

  • Mission 1: Clear with more than 30% (Challenge 1-5) / 10% (Challenge 6-10) HP remaining
  • Mission 2: Clear within 25 turns
  • Mission 3: Clear without using continue


ヘルプアンケートを合計150個集める Collect a total of 150 Helper Questionnaires 1 x Memoria 1328 s
ヘルプアンケートを合計300個集める Collect a total of 300 Helper Questionnaires 1 x Memoria 1328 s
ヘルプアンケートを合計500個集める Collect a total of 500 Helper Questionnaires 1 x Memoria 1328 s
ヘルプアンケートを合計750個集める Collect a total of 750 Helper Questionnaires 1 x Memoria 1328 s
ヘルプアンケートを合計1000個集める Collect a total of 1000 Helper Questionnaires 1 x Memoria 1328 s
チャレンジBATTLE1をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 1 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE2をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 2 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE3をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 3 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE4をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 4 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE5をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 5 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE6をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 6 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE7をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 7 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE8をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 8 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE9をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 9 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE10をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 10 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE11をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 11 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE12をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 12 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE13をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 13 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE14をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 14 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE15をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 15 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE16をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 16 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE17をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 17 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE18をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 18 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE19をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 19 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE20をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 20 10 x Magia Stone

Event Shop

Item Quantity Price Item Quantity Price
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