Enemy 6107 l.png Durbar
Living God Witch
purification ceremony
Type: Witch
Witch/Rumor ID: 6107
Drop Item: Ikigami's Water Jug.png Ikigami's Water Jug
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)



A witch who is constantly trying to wash away her uncleanness.
To wash away the uncleanness that erodes her core, She pours water onto herself 24 hours a day. She seems to have the power to see the future with myriad eyes on her tongue, but it seems that she cannot spare any time to see anything else because she is only worried about the future in which she hasn't been purified yet. The witch will not stop the purification ceremony until that day when all her filth is gone. Those who disturb the purification will be stricken by the lightning and streaming water as a punishment, and they will be killed by the filth dripping from her.

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