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EX Skills are unique abilities of Ultimate and Exceed-type Magical Girls.

How it Works

EX Skills work similar to passive Memoria abilities, in that they are active as soon as the battle begins. Unlike passive Memoria, however, EX Skills may apply to all allies rather than just the individual Magical Girl.

Countering EX Skills

Should an EX Skill affect the entire team, the defeat of the Magical Girl with the EX Skill will not remove its effects from her teammates. EX Skills can only be cancelled through a removal skill, such as Remove Buffs or Remove Granted Effects.

Improving EX Skills

Unlike other Magical Girl stats or abilities, EX Skills can only be improved by obtaining 4 copies of the Magical Girl and unlocking all of her Memoria slots.

Magical Girls with EX Skills

Magical Girl JP Release NA Release
Ultimate Madoka.png Ultimate Madoka 08/21/2018 02/25/2020
Iroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.).png Iroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.) 08/22/2019 08/12/2020
Tart (Final ver.).png Tart (Final ver.) 06/19/2020 -
Little Kyubey.png Little Kyubey 08/21/2020 -
Ultimate Madoka-senpai.png Ultimate Madoka-senpai 04/02/2021 -