Magical Girl

Vo char 4026 00 01
自己紹介⓵ - Self Introduction 1
[JP] 初めまして。わたくしはエリザ・ツェリスカ。神聖ローマ皇帝妃、バルバラが娘。あら、何を驚いていらっしゃいますの?どのような者に対しても、名とは、自ら誇りを持って名乗り上げるもの。これはわたくしのお母様の教えでもありますわ。
[NA] Greetings. I am Elisa Celjska, daughter of Empress Barbara of the Holy Roman Empire! Why do you look so shocked? One must bear their name with pride, no matter who they are. My mother taught me that!

Vo char 4026 00 02
自己紹介⓶ - Self Introduction 2
[JP] わたくしは、神聖ローマ皇帝ジギスムントの偉大なる妃バルバラ・ツェリスカが娘、ドラゴン騎士団が一人、エリザ・ツェリスカ!よろしくね。
[NA] I am the daughter of Barbara Celjska, empress to the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund. I am Elisa Celjska, of the Order of the Dragon! Glad to meet you.

Personal Story

Vo char 4026 00 03
Story Chapter End 1
[NA] Hmph! How absurd!

Vo char 4026 00 04
Story Chapter End 2
[NA] This is altogether too suspicious...

Vo char 4026 00 05
Story Chapter End 3
[NA] Let's go, for mine and all our honor.

Vo char 4026 00 06
Story Select 1
[JP] はじめまして、“乙女”

Vo char 4026 00 07
Story Select 2
[JP] わたくしとしたことがあのような醜態をっ!!

Vo char 4026 00 08
Story Select 3
[JP] エリザでいいですわ、タルト

Vo char 4026 00 09
Story Select 4
[JP] …ちょっと素直すぎませんこと

Vo char 4026 00 10
Story Select 5
[JP] それに…わたくしは別に王女では…

Vo char 4026 00 11
Story Select 6
[JP] わたくしは…あなたが羨ましい

Vo char 4026 00 12
Unused 1
[JP] Japanese quote needed


Vo char 4026 00 13
強化完了 - Strengthening Complete
[JP] この力で、わたくしの存在を皆に知らしめて差し上げますわ!
[NA] I'll use this power to make everyone acknowledge me!

Vo char 4026 00 14
強化(Lv最大時) - Strengthening Max
[JP] もはや、わたくしに敵うものはいないと…?んんっ、褒めすぎですわ…!
[NA] Now no one can rival my strength? Y-you flatter me!

Vo char 4026 00 15
エピソードLvアップ - Episode Lvl Up
[JP] あなたもなかなかの実力者のようですわね。認めて差し上げます。
[NA] I see that you are skilled in your own right. Impressive.

Vo char 4026 00 16
魔力解放 - Magical Release 1
[NA] I face Melissa's wrath if I say the slightest thing against Darc. Plus I sense a certain homicidal rage from Liz, too...

Vo char 4026 00 17
魔力解放 - Magical Release 2
[NA] Her plain, simple trust in me, though we've only just me. Such unshakable humility. Darc has all the qualities I lack.

Vo char 4026 00 18
魔力解放 - Magical Release 3
[NA] Exiled from the Imperial Palace, I returned thanks to my magic. The only one who'd talk to me in that time was Uncle Oswald.

Vo char 4026 00 19
マギアLvアップ - Magia Lvl Up
[JP] わたくしの成長に武器も同調しているようですわ…!
[NA] I see my weapons have improved as much as I have!

Vo char 4026 00 20
魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 1
[JP] 戦地を駆け抜けた経験が今花開いたというところかしら…!
[NA] Have my escapades on the battlefront finally paid off?

Vo char 4026 00 21
魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 2
[JP] この力で、未来を切り開いて見せますわ!予言など信じません…これまでの戦いを、そんなもので済まされたらたまりませんわ!
[NA] I will use this power to clear a way to the future! I hold no stock in prophecies. If all my battles until now were written off as that, I couldn't handle it!

Vo char 4026 00 22
魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 3
[JP] ヨーロッパの安寧こそ、我が母皇帝妃バルバラの願い。この力でタルトの支えとなり、使命を果たしてみせますわ!わたくしと、我が神聖ローマ帝国ドラゴン騎士団の誇りにかけて!
[NA] My mother, Empress Barbara, had one wish: peace in Europe. With my power and Darc's aid, I can grant her wish. My pride and the Holy Roman Empire's Order of the Dragon count on it!

Vo char 4026 00 23
Unused 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed


Vo char 4026 00 24
ログイン(初回ログイン時) - Login (First login)
[JP] あら、ご機嫌いかが?ん?何か変かしら?宮廷にいたころのように、優雅に挨拶してみただけですわ。
[NA] How do you do, are you well? Ah, was that odd? I merely wanted to greet you as I do court nobles.

Vo char 4026 00 25
ログイン(朝) - Login (Morning)
[JP] んん…何ですの~…ほ?!もう、朝ですの?!ちょ、ちょっとお待ちなさい!今、着替えをして参りますから!
[NA] Mm? What is it...? Oh?! Morning already? W-wait a moment! I'll get changed and be right out the door!

Vo char 4026 00 26
ログイン(昼) - Login (Noon)
[JP] 食事の時間ですわね。気遣いなど不要でしてよ。わたくしもドラゴン騎士団の一員として戦場に生きる身。粗末な食事にも慣れてますわ。
[NA] Time for us to eat. Now, now, don't stand on ceremony for me! I fight alongside the Order of the Dragon. I'm used to messy eaters.

Vo char 4026 00 27
ログイン(夜) - Login (Evening)
[JP] なんですのヴォル爺!湯浴みの最中だというのに!…あら?あなたでしたの。わたくしを呼びつけたからには、余程大切な用事なのでしょうね?
[NA] What is it, Oswald? Honestly, I told you I was taking a bath... Hm? Oh, it's you. This must be really important then, yes?

Vo char 4026 00 28
ログイン(深夜) - Login (Night)
[JP] 戦いに備えて、そろそろ眠りにつくことにいたしますわ。わたくしの身は神聖ローマ皇帝陛下、そして、母のためにあるのですから。
[NA] I will rest up now, to prepare for the battles ahead. I have dedicated myself to the Holy Roman well as my mother.

Vo char 4026 00 29
ログイン(その他) - Login (Other)
[JP] タルトに引き寄せられるように、各地から魔法少女が集結している。それというのも、この戦いが、ヨーロッパの未来を決める戦いだからですわ。
[NA] Magical Girls are gathering en masse, as though drawn here by Darc. Understandable, as this battle will decide Europe's future...

Vo char 4026 00 30
ログイン(AP最大時) - Login (AP full)
[JP] はいはい!休憩はもうおしまい!ここが戦場だってことを忘れてません?そろそろ表が騒がしくなってきましたわ。早く準備なさい。
[NA] All right! Enough fooling around! Have you forgotten that this is a war zone? You're starting to look sloppy. Ready yourselves!

Vo char 4026 00 31
ログイン(BP最大時) - Login (BP full)
[JP] たとえ魔法少女の姿をしていようとも、敵にかわりはありませんわ。このドラゴンの記章にかけて、全て蹴散らしてやります!
[NA] A foe is a foe, even if they take the form of a Magical Girl. I will blast them away, in honor of the Dragons!

Vo char 4026 00 32
Unused 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 33
魔法少女タップ - Tap 1
[JP] エリザ様ではなく、エリザとお呼びなさい。遠慮は無用ですわ。わたくしが構わないと言っておりますの。
[NA] Please, you needn't call me "Princess". Just "Elisa" will do. We can put formalities aside... I don't care for that kind of thing, anyway.

Vo char 4026 00 34
魔法少女タップ - Tap 2
[JP] ん?わたくしの武器?にょわほほほ!これは、錬金術で冶金された5連結の銃器、ペレ…あ、おほん!とある錬金術師から譲り受けた、魔法の銃ですわ。
[NA] Hm? My weapon? Oho! Alchemical metallurgy grants it the power of five rifles. A magic gun, given to me by Per... an alchemist!

Vo char 4026 00 35
魔法少女タップ - Tap 3
[JP] 「ラ・ピュセルの実力を見届け、その力が真ならば助力せよ」。それこそ、我が母が、わたくしたちドラゴン騎士団に与えた使命ですわ。
[NA] The mission my mother tasked the Order of the Dragon with was clear: Ascertain La Pucelle's power, and aid her if it is genuine.

Vo char 4026 00 36
魔法少女タップ - Tap 4
[JP] わたくしが魔法少女になったのは、錬金術師ペレネルとキューブとの出会いがきっかけ。奴らを簡単に信じた自分を叱ってやりたいですわ…!
[NA] I am a Magical Girl because I met the alchemist Pernelle and Qube. I want to scold my younger self for trusting them so easily!

Vo char 4026 00 37
魔法少女タップ - Tap 5
[JP] イタリア生まれのリズはわたくしをプリンチペッサ・エリザ―エリザ王女と呼んでいましたわ。よそよそしいのでやめさせましたけど。
[NA] Liz was born in Italy. She called me "Principessa Elisa" once... meaning "Princess Elisa". I told her to stop, though. It sounds so formal.

Vo char 4026 00 38
魔法少女タップ - Tap 6
[JP] メリッサ…初めての手合わせでわたくしを…投げ飛ばすとは…!次に立ち合いの機会があれば、今度はケッチョンケッチョンにして差し上げますわ…!
[NA] Melissa... You know, when I first fought her she flung me right into the air! Why, if I get a rematch, I'll pay her back for that!

Vo char 4026 00 39
魔法少女タップ - Tap 7
[JP] わたくしは、王女ではありません。皇帝妃バルバラの隠し子。わたくしは自分という存在を認めさせるために、いつも戦場を駆けてきました。
[NA] I am no princess. I am the love child of my mother, Empress Barbara... To justify my existence, I've been no stranger to battle.

Vo char 4026 00 40
魔法少女タップ - Tap 8
[JP] タルトは、どんな時も、自分以外の誰かのために戦い続けてきましたわ。諦めることなく、気高く。だからこそ、皆がタルトを慕うのですわ。
[NA] Darc has always been willing to fight selflessly for others, she never falters or fades. I respect that about her.

Vo char 4026 00 41
魔法少女タップ - Tap 9
[NA] Y-you're saying... "Monsieur Angel" is really Qube?! There is nothing angelic about that wretched little cheesecake!


Vo char 4026 00 42
クエスト開始 - Battle Start
[JP] 派手にやらせていただきますわ!
[NA] I shall take care of this...with style!

Vo char 4026 00 43
クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 1
[JP] 礼など不要でしてよ
[NA] No need to thank me.

Vo char 4026 00 44
クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 2
[JP] どうやら勝負ありましたわね
[NA] It appears this match has been decided.

Vo char 4026 00 45
クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 3
[JP] ダス・エンデ…おしまい
[NA] Das Ende! It's all over.

Vo char 4026 00 46
Unused 5
[JP] Japanese quote needed


Vo char 4026 00 47
Disc Select 1
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 48
Disc Select 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 49
Disc Select 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 50
Disc Select 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 51
Targeting Ally With Connect Disc Select
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 52
Targeted By Connect Disc Select From Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 53
Attack 1
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 54
Attack 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 55
Attack 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 56
Attack 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 57
Attack 5
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 58
Attack 6
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 59
Attack 7
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 60
Attack 8
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 61
Attack 9
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 62
Attack 10
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 63
Magia 1 (Note: The lines used in the game varies; they are normally a mix of Magia and Attack voice lines.)
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 64
Magia 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 65
Magia 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 66
Magia 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 67
Doppel (Note: While most characters have Doppel sounds, this does not imply a release of the character's Doppel any time in the foreseeable future)
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 68
Giving Connect Attack To Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 69
Connect Attack Given From Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 70
Actives on Self
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 71
Actives on Allies
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 72
Actives on Enemies
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 73
Taking Damage
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 74
Taking Damage While At Critical Health
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 4026 00 75
[JP] Japanese quote needed
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