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Magia Archive Key Facts

  • Hometown: Buda, Hungary
  • Born: 1413
  • Height: 157 cm
  • Weapon: Bayonet, firearm with axe (Different as magical girl)
  • Ability: Faith
  • Soul Gem Location: Earring

Side Story

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Gameplay Analysis


  • Excellent stats overall, with SE and in general. Elisa has high attack and defense and decent to high hp.
  • Elisa's remove debuff's and ignore defense works perfectly in normal / hard challenges.
  • Her magia has provoke and defense up. She can act as defense while still pushing out attacks.
  • Elisa's disc set is BACCA. This is still usable and not the worst but still not too good.
  • Her magia is 1 target, this sets her back as shes not triple accele meaning magia isnt the easiest to access for Elisa.
Elisa is a very powerful magical girl. As she excels in many things but also fails. Elisa is pretty amazing in PVE but she is more PVP usage. TBC


  • Insanely good stats that can keep her alive aswell as she can push out damage.
  • Her connect contains defense pierce which ignores all defense allowing her teammates to take down tanks or anyone with low HP. Aswell as having remove debuffs which could stop many memoria's from effecting your team, remove debuffs can stop memoria's like The Way Home after the Rain (Mito), An Inhabitant from Another World and For This Fine Day.
  • Lets move onto SE, her SE contains evade and chase chances. 15% chance to evade and 20% chance to chase. These both are insanely good to have in a mirror matches. Chase allows 3 more attacks and evade allows you to not get hit by any attacks.
  • Being BACCA. BACCA is the second worst ingame disc set so this sets her behind in PVP too but not too much as she can still excel.
  • TBC


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