Minion Witch-rune Name English Name Drop item Attributes
HuygensHuygensEnemy 7000 c Huygens Pendulum ScrewPendulum Screw
HaroldHaroldEnemy 7001 c Harold Standing Ear WrapperStanding Ear Wrapper
Rumor of the Breakup LockRumor of the Breakup LockEnemy 7002 c Rumor of the Breakup Lock Chain of PadlockChain of Padlock
Rumor of Spirit Medium EmaRumor of Spirit Medium EmaEnemy 7003 c Rumor of Spirit Medium Ema Ema's MizuhikiEma's Mizuhiki
Rumor of the Misery OwlRumor of the Misery OwlEnemy 7004 c Rumor of the Misery Owl Owl BucketOwl Bucket
Rumor of the Nameless MessageRumor of the Nameless MessageEnemy 7005 c Rumor of the Nameless Message Message GliderMail Glider
Rumor of the Memory StaffRumor of the Memory StaffEnemy 7006 c Rumor of the Memory Staff Staff KeyswitchStaff Keyswitch
Rumor of the Chelate MascotRumor of the Chelate MascotEnemy 7007 c Rumor of the Chelate Mascot Mascot's ManeMascot's Mane
Bighead penguinbighead penguinEnemy 7101 c Oscar Feather of a Swallow's TailFeather of a Swallow's Tail
ZabaiiZabaiiEnemy 7103 c Zabaii Sandbox ScallopSandbox Scallop
JosephJosephEnemy 7104 c Joseph Blowing HornBlowing Horn
EkaterinaEkaterinaEnemy 7105 c Ekaterina Rooftop KeyRooftop key
KotoriKotoriEnemy 7106 c Kotori Nanny's PedestalNanny's Pedestal
PatanPatanEnemy 7107 c Patan Ikigami's HairballIkigami's Hairball
BonaBonaEnemy 7108 c Bona Rubber Swim RingRubber Swim Ring
CocoCocoEnemy 7109 c Coco Nomadistic StakeNomadistic Stake
Rumor of the Working BearRumor of the Working BearEnemy 7009 c Rumor of the Working Bear Bear's RuffBear's Ruff
Echo (1)Echo (1)Enemy 7201 c Echo (1) All types of exp gem
Echo (2)Echo (2)Enemy 7202 c Echo (2) All types of exp gem +
Echo (3)Echo (3)Enemy 7202 c Echo (3) All types of exp gem ++
Echo (4)Echo (4)Enemy 7202 c Echo (4) N/A
Kirico Keepers (1)Kirico Keepers (1)
Enemy 7102 c
Kirico Keepers (1) All types of orbs and book
Kirico Keepers (2)Kirico Keepers (2)Enemy 7211 c Kirico Keepers (2) All types of orbs + and book +
Kirico Keepers (3)Kirico Keepers (3)Enemy 7212 c Kirico Keepers (3) All types of orbs ++ and book ++
Kirico Keepers (4)Kirico Keepers (4)Enemy 7213 c Kirico Keepers (4) Mirror Invitation LetterMirror Invitation Letter
MathieuMathieuEnemy 7400 c Mathieu N/A
AnthonyAnthonyEnemy 7401 c Anthony Forest BookForest Book
PyotrPyotrEnemy 7403 c Pyotr No Data
BartelsBartelsEnemy 7404 c Bartels No Data
ZakuroZakuroEnemy 7500 c Zakuro N/A

Witches and Rumors

Witch Witch-rune Name English Name Drop item Attributes
TeresaTeresaEnemy 6000 c Teresa Pendulum BobPendulum Bob
CandyCandyEnemy 6001 c Candy Standing Ear CottonStanding Ear Cotton
Rumor of the Breakup StaircaseRumor of the Breakup StaircaseEnemy 6002 c Rumor of the Breakup Staircase Monument of the StairsMonument of the Stairs
Rumor of the Machibito HorseRumor of the Machibito HorseEnemy 6003 c Rumor of the Machibito Horse Machibito Horse's WheelMachibito Horse's Wheel
Rumor of the Misery RhytonRumor of the Misery RhytonEnemy 6004 c Rumor of the Misery Rhyton Rhyton RibbonRhyton Ribbon
Rumor of the Nameless Artificial IntelligenceRumor of the Nameless Artificial IntelligenceEnemy 6005 c Rumor of the Nameless Artificial Intelligence Code of Artificial IntelligenceCode of Artificial Intelligence
Rumor of the Memory CuratorRumor of the Memory CuratorEnemy 6006 c Rumor of the Memory Curator Curator's HoodCurator's Hood
Rumor TsurunoRumor TsurunoChara 1103 00 n Rumor Tsuruno N/A
Rumor of the Chelate Big FerrisRumor of the Chelate Big FerrisEnemy 6007 c Rumor of the Chelate Big Ferris Big Ferris TurbineBig Ferris Turbine
Rumor of the Flower SpeakerRumor of the Flower SpeakerEnemy 6008 c Rumor of the Flower Speaker Speaker's BellSpeaker's Bell
Rumor of the Kamihama SaintRumor of the Kamihama SaintChara 6501 00 n Rumor of the Kamihama Saint N/A
Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura N/A
Rumor of the Soldier BearRumor of the Soldier BearEnemy 6009 c Rumor of the Soldier Bear Bear's RuffBear's Ruff
Rumor of the Queen BearRumor of the Queen BearEnemy 6010 c Rumor of the Queen Bear Bear's BoltBear's Bolt
ZenobiaZenobiaEnemy 6103 c Zenobia Sandbox ShovelsSandbox Shovels
RebeccaRebeccaEnemy 6104 c Rebecca Sheep HornSheep Horn
StaceyStaceyEnemy 6105 c Stacey Rooftop BalloonsRooftop Balloons
ShinShinEnemy 6106 c Shin Nanny's GripNanny's Grip
DurbarDurbarEnemy 6107 c Durbar Ikigami's Water JugIkigami's Water Jug
PaolaPaolaEnemy 6108 c Paola 75pxTBA
Shitori EgumoShitori EgumoEnemy 6101-6102 c Shitori Egumo (Eve) No Data
PatriciaPatriciaEnemy 6400 c Patricia N/A
GertrudGertrudEnemy 6401 c Gertrud No Data
CharlotteCharlotteEnemy 6403 c Charlotte No Data
UhrmannUhrmannEnemy 6404 c Uhrmann No Data
MatasaburoMatasaburoEnemy 6500 c Matasaburo N/A


Enemy Name English Name Attributes
Black Feather Minion 黒羽根 Black Feather Minion
White Feather Minion 白羽根 White Feather Minion
Rumor Spreader ウワサさん Rumor Spreader
General Soldier 一般兵 General Soldier
Executive Soldier 幹部兵 Executive Soldier
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