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* '''Japanese''': {{Lang|ja|獲得エピソードポイントUP}}
* '''Description''': The [[Magical Girl Episode Level Experience| episode experience]] gained from the battle is increased for the character equipped with the memoria.
| image = Episode Up.png
| name_jp = 獲得エピソードポイントUP
| name_na = Increases Episode Points Earned
| category = Special Effect
| effect = A [[Magical Girls|Magical Girl]] with one of these [[Memoria]] equipped will gain more [[Magical Girl Level Experience|Episode XP]] per battle. The Episode XP gained is increased by the % shown.

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Episode Up
  • JP: 獲得エピソードポイントUP
  • NA: Increases Episode Points Earned
  • Category: Special Effect
  • Effect: A Magical Girl with one of these Memoria equipped will gain more Episode XP per battle. The Episode XP gained is increased by the % shown.

Magical Girl Effect

Magical Girl Effect
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1249 s A Handful of Warmth I / 15% (Does Not Work on Supports)
Memoria 1467 s A Little Success II / 20%
Memoria 1323 s A Step That Starts the Story II / 20%
Memoria 1158 s Everyone Has Gathered II / 20%
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